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Perfect Wellness: A Commitment to Luxury and Health

Governor's Island (Photo by Stefano Pasqualetti)

From stealthy steam generators and immersive outdoor saunas to snow rooms and experiential showers, Perfect Wellness Group looks to push the boundaries of spa innovation for any commercial, residential and private amenity space.

At the helm of what is arguably the country’s most luxurious spa and bathroom company is Federico Checo, the 36-year-old CEO who, at 25, left his hometown of Treviso, Italy, to make a name for himself in New York City. In doing so, he not only changed the narrative of an entire industry but has also become a thought leader in the American spa and wellness market.

“I was always obsessed with making sure excellence and innovation collided at every step of the process,” said Checo, noting that even just a decade ago, the industry suffered from stagnation, lack of innovation and quality control issues. “Early on, in the northeast of Italy as a young sales manager at a small enterprise manufacturing saunas and steam rooms with a huge U.S. customer base, I recognized that beyond manufacturing beautiful products, you need professionals that know your products intimately in the exported market. And you’d need those professionals to be able to service your products.”

Up to that point, the myriad of problems in the industry facing Italian companies arose from this central disconnect. The solution was clear: a physical presence was crucial to grow a spa business in the American market. And so, Perfect Wellness Group was born in 2015, acting as the exclusive distributor to Effe (one of the largest manufacturers of spa equipment worldwide) in North America. Ever the innovator, Checo continued to expand the company’s limits, and by 2019 as he ascended to the role of CEO, the gamble was paying off.

“I turned us into far more than just a distributor,” he said. “We became a holistic spa partner — from planning and supplying to maintaining a complete spa experience.”

Under Checo’s leadership, sales quadrupled within 36 months, and within short order, the company had expanded out of New York City into new territories including Miami, Texas and Arizona. Today, Perfect Well- ness Group is renowned for bringing customers’ visions to life, meticulously designing spaces that look as good as they feel. On a given day, the company might be working with top Miami developers on multifamily condos, high-net-worth homeowners on Park Avenue on a penthouse renovation, or a five-star hotel in Sedona or Las Vegas on an all-encompassing luxury spa. The firm spans all categories and asset classes and has 132 projects totaling over 50,000 square feet.

Looking forward, Perfect Wellness Group is poised for its most substantial growth to date.

“2024 is a pivotal turning point in our company’s growth trajectory. With the launch of our new products entering the marketplace from Effe, coupled with our growing suite of amenities including pools and experience showers, we are prepared to make the leap from start-up to an established corporate firm. We can confidently execute any customer’s vision, no matter how ambitious, as we now hold the resources and expertise necessary,” said Lisa Lo Paro, director of marketing of Perfect Wellness Group.

Italian craftsmanship, revered for its quality and longevity, infuses every aspect of Perfect Wellness Group, from design to service. Checo has embedded this ethos into the company’s daily operations, from customer service to employee culture. The commitment to excellence has become the heartbeat of Perfect Wellness Group, transcending beyond mere products to storytelling and sensuality.

Recently, Perfect Wellness was entrusted with the design of a comprehensive amenity spa at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in NoMad, New York. Perfect Wellness crafted a tranquil and serene escape from the bustling city. Housing eight treatment rooms, including a couple’s suite, relaxation lounges, experience showers, saunas and steam rooms, Perfect Wellness has contributed to a space perfectly suited for wellness and restoration.

“It’s fair to say Perfect Wellness Group has become synonymous with the wellness industry, offering not only best-in-class products but an immersive experience,” says Melanie Li of Flag Luxury Group, who worked with Perfect Wellness Group on the spa of The Ritz-Carlton NoMad. Quality service and an unwavering commitment to clients’ visions form the pillars of Perfect Wellness Group’s overarching vision.

In another recent project, Perfect Wellness Group collaborated with QC Terme, a European wellness brand that opened a location on Governor’s Island. With this endeavor, Perfect Wellness Group had the opportunity to craft a custom sauna mimicking the New York Skyline along its walls, designing a unique and distinctive sauna experience. Perfect Wellness created several custom saunas for the spa, as well as two unique steam rooms that call upon the natural environment that made Governor’s Island an oasis for city dwellers for generations.

At 200 East 83rd St., a luxury condominium designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects, Perfect Wellness recently completed its contribution to the property’s expansive amenity space, with a custom sauna and steam room that encapsulates the modern beauty of their brand of luxury wellness.

Another such amenity space at One High Line, which also houses luxury condominiums, also features a custom sauna and steam room planned and executed by Perfect Wellness.

Perfect Wellness Group is always on top of its game, whether embracing energy-saving designs, customization features or technological advances. Rigorous aesthetic and reliability standards are the hallmarks of all Effe saunas. All wood types are tested for optimal functionality and to maintain the traditional sauna expe- rience and are compatible with inevitable thermal stress during the sauna’s lifespan. Cabins can be constructed from over 10 different types of wood, from Canadian hemlock to heat-treated aspen, all painstakingly selected and rigorously quality-controlled to provide a vast range of aesthetic solutions.

In addition to traditional sauna cabins, Perfect Wellness Group also creates custom and standard steam rooms with Effe’s proprietary “internal” steam technology, which does not require external boilers or access panels as traditional steam generators do.

A few of the many key differentiators between this technology and its steam competitors include its Smart Energy Control (SEC), which evenly spaces on/off periods for the heating elements to obtain even steam distribution throughout the session, and Smart Water Filling (SWF), optimizing management of boiler filling, intermediate rinsing and emptying process. The result is a steam experience like no other.

Some of Perfect Wellness Group’s latest and most highly-anticipated products include its Yoku SH integrated cabins, which combine two thermal spaces into one freestanding cabin, a dry heat sauna and a porcelain-tiled steam room, featuring a wooden frame that calls upon the beauty of nature, and its camouflage steam generators, designed to match the finish of hammam walls.

Also forthcoming are Snow Rooms and Snow Showers, set to change the trajectory of the wellness paradigm within the U.S. Configured by TechnoAlpin, the largest company in the world producing snow machines for mountains and ski resorts, Perfect Wellness has created a cabin that transports customers to the mountains, made with real snow from snow canals.

Post-sauna or steam, one can immerse oneself in a snow room experience that goes beyond the conventional cold plunge trend. Unlike brief cold plunges that shock the body, the snow rooms offer a gradual cooldown, fostering improved blood circulation, enhanced health and an extended, immersive experience. Made from natural materials, they create a true winter environment, providing vital cold exposure for those residing in warmer climates.

“This isn’t just a luxury,” Checo continued. “It’s an investment in well-being, especially beneficial for older individuals seeking to fortify their immune systems against the unexpected chill. The snow room experience is unprecedented and unlike any other amenity we’ve seen before in the spa realm.”

Checo’s journey is a narrative of resilience, innovation and an unwavering commitment to transforming spa and bathroom dreams into tangible experiences. As Perfect Wellness Group navigates toward a future of widespread acclaim, each project becomes a testament to its pursuit of spa excellence and the art of bringing dreams to fruition.