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Laurie’s Pie Bar Launches Franchise Opportunity in Nevada, Arizona and Texas

Laurie's Key Lime Pie (Photo via PRNewswire)

Laurie’s Pie Bar, renowned for its handcrafted pies since 2016, has launcheda franchise program to expand nationwide, beginning with Nevada, Arizona and Texas. The new franchises will offer handmade pies, coffee, ice cream and optional beer and wine.

“After eight years of crafting delicious, fresh pies, we’re now looking to grow and seek motivated professionals to join our program,” said Laurie Gray, founder of Laurie’s Pie Bar.

Laurie Gray left a three-decade career in marketing and finance to pursue her childhood love of baking. Inspired by the idea that pie represents comfort and tradition often overlooked in today’s fast-paced world, her shop in Long Beach, California, has been a popular destination since 2016. Laurie’s Pie Bar emphasizes quality and innovation, showing that the best ingredients for a thriving business are passion, creativity, and a great recipe.

Unique offerings like Pet Pies, Cutie Pies in mason jars and Pie Shots in shot glasses are available, alongside selected coffee drinks and ice cream. For a fuller experience, beer and wine options are also available.

“It’s not just about serving food, but offering an experience that evokes home and happiness,” Gray said. “Inviting customers into a world of comfort and quality, every slice, sip, and scoop reflects the dedication that makes Laurie’s Pie Bar a cherished destination, attracting people willing to travel hours for our delicious offerings.”

Kicking off in Nevada, Arizona, and Texas, with plans for national expansion, Gray emphasizes focusing on franchisee satisfaction and controlled growth.