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Entrata Expands Centralization Functionality and AI-enabled Features

Entrata, an AI-enabled multifamily industry operating system, announced significant upgrades to its platform that will greatly enhance the experience for residents while continuing to bring further automation and efficiencies to property management teams. These new features include Centralized Leasing, Homebody Marketplace and AI-powered facilities translation capabilities through Entrata Layered Intelligence.

“We’ve heard it loud and clear: renters and property managers are needing efficiency and ease of use. Needing to go to multiple apps and websites to accomplish basic tasks related to renting, like buying insurance or scheduling tours, can be incredibly inconvenient – so we’re stepping up to do something about it,” said Catherine Wong, chief product officer at Entrata. “With over 100 improvements in the platform with this release, we are delivering on that mission of making our customers’ lives easier and more productive. To that end, we are seeing the incredible adoption and implementation of Entrata Layered Intelligence since its debut and this expansion of functionality will only further lead the industry forward when it comes to AI.”

Entrata Centralized Leasing enables property managers to manage multiple properties grouped together. Users can search for multiple properties’ pricing and availability,  communicate with prospects, schedule and fulfill tours, send follow-ups and review applications, all in one place. By bringing multi-property information and task management into a single dashboard, property managers have increased flexibility to either operate via centralized workflows or with a more traditional single-property model.

Homebody Marketplace within the Homebody App allows residents to view exclusive and personalized offerings for various services including banking and financial tools, insurance offerings, in-home services and more. All residents who currently have the Homebody App will have access to this new section of the app and will continue to see more personalized offers available within the Marketplace in the coming months.

The Entrata Layered Intelligence AI Translation feature is now available in the Facilities App. This tool is built to simplify communication between residents and maintenance technicians where language may be a barrier, by giving easy access to full language translation capabilities directly in the app.

With the AI-powered translation, work order descriptions and notes adisplay in the maintenance technician’s preferred language. Not only does this new capability bridge communication gaps, but it will also improve overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.