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Vena Introduces Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint to Help Operations and Finance Professionals

Vena, a planning platform used by finance and business professionals, has introduced Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint, a native integration with Microsoft 365 purpose-built to help strategic finance and operations teams bring their numbers to life, align teams and inspire action with compelling financial presentations.

Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint combines the power of Vena’s reporting and analytics capabilities with the advanced productivity and collaboration features of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft PowerPoint’s familiar interface to help finance teams build presentations that turn data into impactful stories while simultaneously streamlining their flow of work.

With Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint, finance and operations professionals can build presentations in minutes, collaborate with stakeholders in real time, interact with live financial and operational data and refresh for the latest results within PowerPoint. This boosts personal effectiveness and operational efficiency while improving data storytelling, enabling them to better communicate financial insights that drive improved decision making using their most up-to-date data.

“Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint is the latest step of Vena’s commitment to driving business insights,” said Hugh Cumming, chief technology officer at Vena. “With the ability to leverage Vena’s dynamic datasets and automation technology, our customers can rapidly transform their Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into up-to-the-minute, decision-support tools.”

Early adopters such as Bell Partners, an apartment investment and management company focused on quality multifamily rental communities throughout the United States, are already reporting significant productivity increases.

“Currently, it takes us an hour to pull together our monthly reporting package. Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint makes the monthly update only take a few minutes,” said Michelle Canada, CPA director of FP&A, Bell Partners.

With Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint, finance and operations professionals can dynamically connect charts, tables, textual narratives and dashboards from a built-in library of their existing financial and operational reports to any slide while maintaining their calculations, corporate branding, data visualizations and standard financial formatting; interact with financial and operational data in real time and instantly refresh presentations with the latest results and work with stakeholders on building and perfecting impactful, data-driven narratives in real time from anywhere on any device.

With these capabilities, finance and operations teams can dramatically reduce the time spent creating and updating financial presentations. They can collaborate in real time with anyone in their organization to build impactful, data-driven narratives. Additionally, teams can present with confidence using the latest numbers, and improve team alignment and decision making with enhanced data storytelling leveraging the presentation tool they already know and use.