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Safe & Green Holdings Receives ICC Recertification

Photo courtesy of Safe & Green Holdings

Safe & Green Holdings Corp., a developer, designer and fabricator of modular structures, announced that it has received recertification of its evaluation service report (ESR) for certification and use of shipping containers in modular construction from the International Code Council (ICC).

With over 90 years of experience, ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) is the industry leader in performing technical evaluations of building products, materials, and systems for code compliance. ICC-ES is the most widely accepted evaluation agency in the nation. Agencies use evaluation reports to help determine code compliance and enforce building regulations, while manufacturers use reports as evidence that their products (and this is especially important if the products are new and innovative) meet code requirements and warrant regulatory approval.

“We are pleased that the ICC Evaluation Service has renewed our ESR (3764) which allows us to continue to certify intermodal containers as approved building materials in our projects. It is the foundation of our modular program to repurpose containers,” said Paul Galvin, chairperson and CEO of Safe & Green Holdings. “As a manufacturer, securing the ESR certification is pivotal as it eases the acceptance of our containers by building departments, thereby streamlining the approval process for projects where these products are deployed.”

In 2017 Safe & Green Holdings Corp. (formerly SG Blocks, Inc.) received the first ESR certification for a recycled product to be re-used as a construction material. The application was handled by CTO Stevan Armstrong and David Cross, senior vice president of Sales and Business Development.