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Mason Wyatt, Owner, City Soundproofing

As most condo/co-ops typically put strangers’ living quarters in close proximity to one another, one of the chief tenant issues is noise. In order to remedy frequent noise complaints, many buildings have brought in soundproofing experts to quell the passage of sound in their building.

With 40 years of construction experience and 10 years in the recording industry, including providing acoustical solutions for all types of noise control applications, Mason Wyatt has a unique perspective on soundproofing and noise control.

Wyatt has participated in the development of many teleconferencing centers, distance classrooms, conference rooms, home theaters, recording studios, rehearsal spaces, auditoriums, performing arts venues, clubs, and restaurants. He has assisted in building or improving many acoustically sensitive rooms, studios, and broadcasting spaces, as well as facilities at numerous universities and local, state, and federal sites.

His company, City Soundproofing, has been providing residential and commercial noise control solutions in the NYC area since 1997, with great success.

Wyatt and his team are confident that no one else has the broad range of experience or the knowledge of materials and construction that City Soundproofing possesses. As the industry continues to develop and provide new products, City Soundproofing is always ready to learn and incorporate new materials and systems into the base of information and experience the company already has and uses for its customers.

What materials does City Soundproofing employ to block the flow of sound?

There are several basic elements for effective reduction of noise transfer. Mass and density, such as Type X drywall and Mass Loaded Vinyl; insulation, such as acoustical foam, mineral wool, or fiberglass batting; damping compound such as Green Glue; isolation clips such as RSIC 1; sealants such as acoustical caulk and firestop putty; and, lastly, creating separation or space between materials. 

These materials, depending on the existing conditions, can be installed in different ways to achieve effective reduction of noise transfer.

What would you say to a building manager who is hesitant to hire a soundproofing service for fear of the extra expense?

Noise reduction treatments can vary in cost depending on existing conditions and treatment. This can range from simply filling gaps and penetrations where pipes and ducts may be passing through barriers to a complete renovation of a wall or ceiling. Windows may also be treated with window inserts to reduce noise from the outside.

City Soundproofing suggests that an evaluation be conducted by our experienced noise reduction consultants to better understand how noise is transferring, along with recommended treatment options.

Noise abatement will increase the financial basis of your real estate and add value for potential future buyers, but the real value is the quiet enjoyment of your living environment. Beyond that, the ability to have uninterrupted sleep or a non-disruptive work and reading environment is essential to leading a stress-free life. The cost of reducing noise levels to an acceptable level may be an additional investment, however, relative to the cost of real estate it can be well worth the expense.

How do you tailor your services to each individual building that you service?

With 30-plus years of experience in consultation, materials supply, and installation of treatments, City Soundproofing can tailor each project to address individual needs and limitations to achieve the best possible results.

What new technology is on the horizon in your field that will better City Soundproofing’s services?

Over the years active noise control has improved and will continue to do so, however the practical application of this technology may not result in any significant reduction in ambient volume. It may also be challenging to apply in a retrofit project.

City Soundproofing relies on extensive knowledge of existing materials applied in a variety of treatments and systems to provide the best possible solutions.

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