Luminous Residential Announces Community Boss

Luminous, the company behind Parking Boss and Amenity Boss, has recently introduced Community Boss. Designed to be customized for multifamily communities, the one-of-a-kind, 24/7 virtual community guide uses an interactive community map, extending the map-view from the streets of the city to the walkways of communities. Property managers, residents, and guests alike get an interactive, real-time view of guest parking availability, building and unit information, amenity availability, and more. Community Boss is expected to officially launch in January 2021.

“Google, Apple, and other mapping tools have redefined the way we interact with our environment,” said Luminous Co-founder, Joel DuChesne. “The problem is these mapping tools stop at the community property lines. Community Boss fills in the gaps and provides residents a new yet familiar way to use their community.”

Community Boss’ modern map, shown in a 3D model with real-world coordinates, brings communities to life on-screen. Features include:
· Location of guest parking spaces with guest parking registration and rules
· Amenity locations and hours with the ability to reserve time and view live capacities and rules
· Touchless, safer move-in saves time and is convenient for residents
· 24/7 community guide with leasing office information
· Customized virtual tours using existing photos, videos, and walkthroughs for prospective renters
· 360° community walkthrough (like Google street view for your community)
· Searchable unit directory for quicker deliveries from UberEats, Amazon, etc.

Community Boss fully integrates and includes Parking Boss and Amenity Boss, bringing amenity and parking reservations into one place. The inclusive system of management provides residents 24/7 access to the community information they need, removing confusion and ultimately reducing office support time.

Nathan LeMesurier, Luminous Co-founder and Head of Product added, “We’re focused on the space between the front gate and the unit door, where you have all these resources like parking and amenities that your residents share – or more often, competing for. Our vision is to make that shared experience easy, intuitive, and an extension of your brand while giving your teams operational and management control in a powerful and automated way.”

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