Metro Tenant Advisors Launches to Offer Buyout Representation to Renters

Metro Tenant Advisors, a self-funded company created to represent rent-regulated tenants in NYC, occupants in foreclosed properties, and commercial tenants announces its launch. The company researches, strategizes, and negotiates on behalf of the tenants to achieve the highest and best terms on a buyout.

At the helm of the firm, located at 401 Park Avenue South and consists of a team of five, is Robert Sedaghatpour, a real estate industry veteran of 19 years. Sedaghatpour’s experience includes functioning as a property manager, retail broker, tenant relocation consultant, asset manager, developer, and acquisitions analyst.  Most recently and importantly, he is also the principal of STRATCO Property Group that functions as a tenant relations consulting firm for landlords.

Since its founding seven years ago, STRATCO has successfully negotiated and executed hundreds of buyouts which turned out to be win-win scenarios for both landlord and tenant. Buoyed by this success, Sedaghatpour felt the timing for the launch was key due to recent and proposed changes in legislature that will affect buyouts.

“We believe there is an underserved niche in representing tenants who want and may benefit from a lease buyout,” he explains. “Because of our extensive history advising landlords on how to work with their tenants, we have a strong grasp of the market and are uniquely versed in the needs of both sides.” Sedaghatpour adds that he and his team also are experts on knowing what direction the NYC real estate market is headed as it pertains to rentals, developments and buyouts.

Sedaghatpour and his team have structured many negotiations and agreements to protect both sides over the years. However, with the recent increased number of players (legislatures, tenant advocates, and legal aid representatives) protecting tenants from vacating their units, and from landlord harassment,  an opportunity has arisen for a small market of tenants who do want to negotiate, but don’t want to get lost and confused with advocates and representatives that have objectives that conflict with their own.

The firm is currently working on seven different building communities: this is inclusive of rental buildings, several condo conversions, and a proposed development site.  The firm anticipates expanding its team during 2019 with the anticipated law changes and resulting the slowdown of buyouts initiated by landlords.

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