SWCRF Breakthroughs 2020

The 2020 SWCRF Breakthroughs 2020 presentation closed out a two-day convening of more than 50 SWCRF-funded investigators part of the Institute Without Walls along with the SWCRF Scientific Advisory Board. During this convening, SWCRF-funded investigators exchanged research findings, probe results more deeply and discover novel approaches that inspire new research directions.
The presentation featured highlights of research breakthroughs, announcements of pending clinical trials, and updates on the SWCRF signature science programs: Partnership for Aging & Cancer Research and the Institute Without Walls.
Also, the SWCRF  presented its David Workman Memorial Award to Arthur Riggs, PhD, the Director of Diabetes & Metabolism Research at City of Hope in Los Angeles. Dr. Riggs’ research in insulin and gene regulation has led to breakthroughs in cancer treatments.

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