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Personal Care Brand Native Announces Expansion Into Sunscreen With Revolutionary Formula That Blends Into All Skin Tones

Native recently announced the launch of their first line of dermatologist tested, mineral-based sunscreen products just in time for summer. The line debuts exclusively on Native’s website for both Face and Body in two scent options, Coconut & Pineapple and Unscented, and a limited edition Rosé Body scent to launch on May 18th.

Everyone knows that sunscreen is a must, but many mineral sunscreens on the market are hard to rub in and not enjoyable to use. Native’s new collection of SPF 30 mineral sunscreens is powered by 20% non-nano zinc oxide that was hand-selected from 33 potential zinc oxide suppliers for purity, efficacy, and transparency. It is also water-based and contains over 20% skin conditioners, helping ensure the sunscreen blends in quickly and perfectly across all skin types. The collection is in response to consumer frustration in trying to find an effective mineral sunscreen that doesn’t leave a white cast, sets well on the skin, and is easy to apply with clean, naturally derived ingredients.

“I’ve tested lots of mineral sunscreens, and I’ve never been satisfied with how those sunscreens blend, especially through hair,” said Darren King, Native’s VP of Research and Development. “I always have to apply in front of a mirror to make sure it’s completely rubbed in. Native’s mineral sunscreen is different. It easily blends through my arm hair and disappears amidst my freckles and moles; in fact, it was designed to be invisible on all skin types. Our ultimate goal is mirror-free application at the beach, or anywhere you might be showing some skin.”

Native’s Sunscreen Collection is formulated with everything you need and nothing you don’t! Not only are 98% of the sunscreen’s ingredients naturally derived (plant or mineral based), but the formula was designed for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. It’s free of silicones, styrene derivatives, ethoxylates, parabens, phthalates, and chemical filters including oxybenzone, octinoxate, and avobenzone.

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