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EasyKnock Creates The Stay Mission to Stop US Homelessness Amidst Record Unemployment Rates

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EasyKnock, the first institutionalized residential sale-leaseback company in the United States, announced the creation of a nonprofit, The Stay Mission, to help families experiencing financial hardship stay in their homes. The Stay Mission is aimed at helping Americans in danger of foreclosure or eviction to stay in their homes.

Some of their financial hardships may be due to the economic disruptions caused by COVID-19. While measures are in place to counteract the immediate threats of COVID-19, the long term effects could leave millions of Americans out of work or underemployed. While most states have implemented a moratorium on rental evictions and banks are waiving mortgage payments, the future is still uncertain for many homeowners and renters.

“We’re living in unprecedented times. Due to this pandemic, more and more Americans are behind on their mortgage or rent payments and struggling to keep a roof over their heads,” said Jarred Kessler, CEO and founder of EasyKnock. “Through the launch of our nonprofit, we hope to do our part to ease the burden on American homeowners.”

The nonprofit is being created with the goal of helping families at risk of being evicted or having their home foreclosed.

For more information on this fund and how to participate, please contact

About EasyKnock

Founded in 2016, EasyKnock is the United States’ first technology-enabled residential sale-leaseback company that brought American homeowners Sell and Stay and MoveAbility. Through EasyKnock’s programs, homeowners can receive the money they need to achieve their goals. With Sell and Stay, homeowners receive cash for the value in their home without moving, with the flexibility to buy back their house or move at any time. MoveAbility serves as a bridge product for homeowners planning on moving in the near-term. They can receive cash for the value of their home immediately without a rushed move. Headquartered in New York City and Charlotte, North Carolina, EasyKnock currently provides its innovative financial products to homeowners across 50 states.