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Equiem Launches Leasing Dashboards to Help Landlords Monitor and Retain Tenants

Equiem Dashboard

Global property technology company Equiem has launched the market’s first Leasing Analytics Dashboards to directly inform leasing and retention strategies. The dashboards are designed to help owners segment and profile individual tenants, understand their past behaviors, anticipate their future needs and formulate tailored engagement strategies aimed at long-term retention.

“Every time a tenant uses an Equiem product the data is anonymized, synthesized and presented to the property manager, owner and/or leasing team in detailed feeds on the new Leasing Dashboards,” said Gabrielle McMillan, CEO of Equiem. “The data can easily be sliced to provide insights that help owners build tailored retention strategies for each individual tenant. Landlords and leasing teams armed with this level of detailed data will undoubtedly fare better during lease negotiations throughout this difficult cycle.”

With individualized tenant profiles in hand, owners can to identify at-risk tenants for re-engagement campaigns and direct resources by pinpointing the content, products, services and events each individual company’s employees consume. The in-depth analytics and profiles, which can be segmented and viewed for a single building or an entire portfolio, allow landlords and their leasing teams to make more informed decisions on building improvements and/or broader, more personalized engagement strategies and offerings.

In addition, Equiem has also upgraded its robust Polls functionality, allowing landlords to target individual tenants with specific questions to further inform their engagement strategies. This information helps landlords better understand tenant sentiment about a variety of subjects, from COVID-related concerns to what services or retailers a tenant would like to see added to the building, the company said.

“As we enter the heart of the Fall, many employees continue to work from home, with most office space seeing well below 50% percent utilization, especially in major markets,” McMillan said. “Low utilization poses major risks for landlords looking ahead to leases expiring in 2021 and 2022. It’s crucial to have a clear and focused strategy to retain these tenants.”