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VTS Rise Hits 300M Square Feet Under Management

Nick Romito, co-founder and CEO | Photo courtesy of VTS

VTS, a commercial real estate industry leasing, marketing, and asset management technology platform, announced that VTS Rise (formerly known as Rise Buildings) has become the most adopted tenant experience technology in proptech. As of July 1, 2021, over 300 million square feet in 161 cities and over 500 buildings worldwide are managed on VTS Rise. Clients include RXR, Starwood, Hines, Crown Realty Partners and Beacon Capital.

“We are incredibly grateful for the partnership from top landlords as they have vaulted VTS Rise to the top position in the burgeoning tenant experience market,” said Nick Romito, CEO of VTS. “VTS Rise empowers tenants to interface with their office space digitally, giving them a ‘remote control’ for the office in a truly integrated way.”

VTS Rise provides tenants, building operators and visitors with an immersive, tech-enabled experience when interacting with their building. Landlords can see the rate in which tenants are coming back to the market and how it compares to their occupancy trends, while also marketing new space to existing tenants quickly once it’s available. The platform sees typical occupier engagement of over 95%, which enables entire asset teams to accurately assess for the first time how they and the building are performing for their tenants.

VTS’ patented beacon technology helps VTS Rise provide information about where occupants spend the most time throughout the asset, helping landlords to improve and measure their capital improvements strategy. And real-time polls, surveys, and mobile service requests are among the ways VTS Rise can assist in obtaining feedback directly from occupants on their experience in the space.

“Although demand has begun to return to the market post-pandemic, we’re still significantly off of our pre-pandemic high, and over the next few years, attracting the right kind of tenants to spaces and retaining them will be of the utmost importance for landlords,” said Romito. “In a renewals market, this kind of superior tenant experience not only incentivizes people to be in the office, but motivates them. Post-pandemic, we’ve already seen this shift from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must-have’. This technology is quickly becoming an integral part of the standard environment tenants expect from their landlords.”



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