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Tech-focused Brokerage and Marketing Platform Verada Launches

Brendon Thrapp, Nathaniel Mallon (Photo courtresy of Verada)

Verada, a commercial brokerage and technology-focused marketing platform servicing neighborhood retail, has launched. Verada combines content-based marketing, market understanding, emerging technologies and an extensive media content library to generate opportunities for landlords, tenants and neighborhoods while delivering a modern approach to the way the world perceives retail real estate, the company said.

Verada was founded by Brendan Thrapp, formerly managing director of EXR’s commercial division and Nathaniel Mallon, a former commercial real estate director at EXR. The platform combines the founders’ web expertise with a personal touch.

“After working for years in a traditional real estate setting, our team began to witness how clunky and outdated today’s retail real estate platforms were becoming,” explained Mallon. “We continued to see a lack of proactivity and foresight to invest in better practices. Verada is a combined vision that leverages our experience, relationships and new ideas to create a revolutionary retail platform that generates opportunities for tenants and landlords, making our platform part of what neighborhoods are built on.”

The platform centralizes resources for tenants, such as virtual tours for exclusive listings, interactive media, marketing decks, architecture, design and neighborhood videos and a blog that launched with over 60 pages of valuable information. This also includes hundreds of hand-illustrated prints and other self-made videos that help tenants successfully navigate the retail marketplace.

Each listing includes property and neighborhood highlights, such as property details, neighborhood overviews, interviews with locals and illustrated area and amenities maps, as well as best-in-class property presentations that are proven to engage viewers. Other Verada services include pre-development and acquisitions advisory, market and financial analysis, asset positioning, marketing and advertising and data-driven analytics and valued reports.