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Rentlodex Presents Realtors with New Opportunity for Short-Term Rental Investors (Photo via PRNewswire)

Short-term rental investors now have a new tool for searching available properties already equipped for hosting guests and generating rental income immediately. Unofficially launched by Chicago-based Real Estate Web Creation back in early 2021, Rentlodex not only aims to be the premier marketplace for short-term rental-ready properties but also a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in learning the business and connecting with professionals who can help with marketing, consulting and even financing, the company said.

Rentlodex provides homebuyers and investors who are specifically interested in owning and managing a short-term rental with a better way to see what’s currently on the market, according to real estate SEO expert Joe Heath of Real Estate Web Creation.

“What also makes Rentlodex unique is that we really try to highlight properties that are either already being used as a short-term rental, have a separate space like an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) that is being used as a short-term rental, or are already zoned and approved for short-term rental use,” says Heath. “Our goal is to eliminate the confusion that often comes with viewing properties that have the potential to be a short-term rental but may face any number of hurdles related to local ordinances or association regulations and rules, and we try to make that clear to anyone who wants to list a property on the website.”

In addition to the website’s search tools, Heath also has plans to eventually feature in-depth stories from existing short-term rental owners that detail how they got started, mistakes they’ve made along the way, and what continues to make them successful in an increasingly competitive space.

Furthermore, real estate agents and brokers who specialize in working with investors also have a new opportunity to take advantage of an affordable partnership lead generation program that is already being tested in a number of markets.