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Bluestone, Thoughtworks Launch Digital Lending Platform

Thoughtworks, a Sydney-based global technology consultancy that integrates strategy,design and engineering to drive digital innovation has partnered with Bluestone, the home loans solutions organization, to launch a full suite of modern digital capabilities to elevate the broker and borrower experience across the home loan life cycle.

Bluestone partnered with Thoughtworks to create a holistic cloud-hosted digital lending platform that would deliver greater transparency to brokers, borrowers and employees and facilitate a modern and intuitive approach to loan servicing and collections. It replaced an outdated legacy mortgage platform with a more holistic self-service web portal for lending, which features a mobile-friendly user experience.

Through the new systems and processes, Bluestone has been able to automate six key customer service processes and save an average of 690 minutes on loan applications per day.

“One of the real benefits of engaging with Thoughtworks was that they didn’t treat us like a customer — they really worked with us like a partner. That really meant we got a much better outcome in a much quicker time,” said Campbell Smyth, CEO at Bluestone. “Since implementing the platform, technology is no longer a limiting factor in what we do, but it actually drives some of the great outcomes that we’re achieving. Ultimately, that translates to a better experience for our customers.”

In addition to the self-service web portal, Thoughtworks created a solution to replace traditional CRM, which allows Bluestone to plug-in an external app to manage customer service activities with guided workflows. This app sits in AWS (Amazon Web Services), nurturing full control of Bluestone’s customer service processes and making it virtually seamless, the company said.