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Metropolitan Commercial Bank Sets New Bar for Retail and Digital Banking

Flagship branding, community, news, weather and an occasional sporting event are delivered on a state-of-the-art LED digital display that is 10 feet x 10 feet with a 1.2 pixel pitch and can be watched from across Broadway. This open area can host informal business and community meetings for up to 70 people. (Credit: Dominique Sindayiganza)

“Metropolitan Commercial Bank (the “Bank”) began a new strategy for its Retail Banking Centers in 2015 with our 111 Great Neck Road location on Long Island. The plan was simple: create Banking Centers that are comfortable for our clients and provide space that they and the community could utilize. Offer banking products and services that employ advanced digital technologies the best fintech has to offer. We never envisioned that a pandemic would make our 111 Great Neck Road Banking Center a welcome resource to residents of Long Island with business interests in New York City.

We applied that same design strategy to our Upper East Side Banking Center at East 85th Street and Lexington Avenue in 2018, but on a smaller scale.

In 2021 we added artful materials and cutting- edge digital technology – fintech, proptech and displaytech – to our Retail Banking Center Strategy. All of this was included in the design of our Flagship Banking Center, located in the heart of midtown Manhattan at the north/south borders of the Garment District and Times Square neighborhoods, and opened in September 2022.”
Mark R. DeFazio
President and CEO Metropolitan Commercial Bank Member FDIC

“We look forward to welcoming our clients, business and residential neighbors and community leaders to our new Flagship Banking Center. This state-of-the-art retail banking experience with concierge service and cutting-edge digital banking products and services elevates our reputation for personal service and fintech innovation.

Our Flagship Banking Center at 1431 Broadway sets a new direction for Metropolitan Commercial Bank and retail banking as a whole. Banking is about relationships. Creating a space where people want to be will help
us better serve our clients, whether their banking needs are for business, commercial or personal, or global payments, and that will benefit them now and into the future. Anyone interested in visiting the Banking Center is welcome. To learn more about Metropolitan Commercial Bank, please call us at (212) 643-6981 or visit”
Laura Capra
Executive Vice President
Head of Retail Banking Metropolitan Commercial Bank

“This Banking Center design combines sophisticated yet unexpected artful materials and bold digital technology that embrace the vibrancy of the Garment District, Times Square and Theater District neighborhoods. Private one-on-one meetings and more significant events with local businesses and residents are at the forefront of this Banking Center experience.”
Gregory Gresham, AIA, NCARB Executive Creative Principal The Switzer Group

The universal banker transaction spaces feature concierge services, open-concept, state-of-the-art digital tools and comfortable seating with built-in social distancing. 
A very comfortable and informal meeting area boasts an 86-inch LCD digital display that projects the Bank’s brand and other communications across Broadway.
A soundproof conference room with a 75- inch LCD digital display and shades for total privacy.