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Gparency Launches CREdits Data Crowdsourcing Program

Ira Zlotowitz (Photo courtesy of Gparency)

Gparency  — a national commercial real estate prop-tech platform providing competitive tools for finding and financing transactions — has launched CREdits, a program designed to issue monetized credits that discount membership fees in exchange for property data submitted to the Digital Marketplace directory, including new listings, updates and corrections.

The goal is to put property owners back in control of their own data, the company said. The debut of the program kicks off with a special “Three for 30” promotion, in which three new submissions, provided separately or at one time, automatically earn a 30-day free trial to full membership benefits.

Property owners can now discount Gparency’s annual membership fee and enjoy full access to the Digital Marketplace. In addition, they will be able to close any and all of their deals for no more than $11,000, the company said. Gparency is offering a free 7-day membership trial to introduce the marketplace to first-time users.

“This program enables owners to maintain ownership of their own data,” said Ira Zlotowitz, founder and CEO of Gparency. “In contrast to other digital property listing services, we have always marketed for-sale assets free of charge. But with the CREdits program, we can additionally reward these property owners with a discounted pathway to membership on our platform. They not only have the benefit of national exposure but will receive monetized credits, along with a free trial providing access to dozens of new investment and financing opportunities.”

Currently, Gparency  has over 42,000 properties featured on its Digital Marketplace, worth an estimated $90 billion. Although locations and addresses of listings may be viewed on the website’s directory for free, only members have access to such seminal information as property prices and current updates, names and full contact information of listing brokers and lenders, area descriptions, and regional comps.