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Main Event Introduces a Metaverse Adventure on Roblox

Main Event World on Roblox (Photo via PRNewswire)

Main Event, a growing family of entertainment brands, has entered the Metaverse by introducing Main Event World on Roblox.

As of 5 p.m. Central on August 31, visitors can unite and experience immersive adventures and some of Main Event’s top activities, including bowling and laser tag, in an entirely new space. Users can modify the experience by letting others influence the level of difficulty of the roll.

“At Main Event, our focus is on creating unforgettable memories for families. Young people, kids, families and friends are using Roblox daily to immerse themselves in shared experiences, fueling imagination and spending quality time. We want to meet them where they’re at, and bring the Main Event experience into their homes,” said Chris Morris, Chief Executive Officer at Main Event. “We’re excited to be taking the leap into the Metaverse, aiming to create memorable experiences, foster meaningful interactions, and spark boundless moments of bonding with friends, family and the Roblox community.”

Main Event has partnered with Super League, a global provider of immersive experiences across the world’s largest Metaverse gaming platforms, to create its virtual experience.

“We are thrilled that Main Event, a leader in family entertainment, has tapped Super League to create together this new frontier where the physical and virtual worlds intersect,” said Ann Hand, chair and CEO of Super League. “The beauty of Main Event World on Roblox is that it brings the Main Event magic into the digital realm, while also enticing a whole new generation to explore Main Event’s brick-and-mortar locations. Through our partnership, we’re pioneering a model where virtual experiences drive physical-world foot traffic, amplifying awareness and engagement, in real life and in the digital world. It’s a true synergy that extends the Main Event experience beyond its physical locations, offering a seamless transition from screen to in-person play. We believe this will set a new standard for how businesses can bridge the virtual and in- person spaces to engage with their communities on a deeper and more holistic level.”

To further elevate the journey, Main Event is introducing a unique pop-up shop offering exclusive items, allowing visitors to personalize avatars, collect distinctive accessories and more. From sound beams to pebble blasters, static waves and blinding traps, users can save tickets through victories to acquire new items.