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Jean Dousset Unveils Flagship Lab-Grown Diamond Boutique in West Hollywood

Jean Dousset's flagship boutique (Photo via PRNewswire)

Designer lab-grown diamond jewelry brand Jean Dousset held the grand opening of its first-ever flagship boutique at 607 West La Cienega Blvd. in West Hollywood on September 6, marking what the company calls “a significant milestone in the evolution of Jean Dousset into a luxury heritage lab-grown diamond brand.”

“Timing, confidence and opportunity converged as we proudly unveil our first flagship boutique, marking the culmination of my transformative journey as a designer and a total paradigm shift in the global diamond industry,” said Jean Dousset, founder, designer and CEO of Jean Dousset. “With a physical retail presence, consumers can see the perfection of designer lab diamonds firsthand while adding that experiential element in acquiring the diamond jewelry they desire.”

The boutique is inspired by the transformative journey of diamonds from rough cut to polished. Every element within the space, from the faceted steel storefront to the chiseled plaster table and undulating walls, fuses artistic vision with meticulous craftsmanship. The flagship’s facade, with its diamond-like geometry and captivating display, not only inspired Jean Dousset’s new logo but also sets the stage for the interior.

Custom-designed displays create an immersive experience for visitors. The discovery wall highlights Jean Dousset’s principal engagement ring designs, with each display exhibiting a style at three different angles, including the back, to accentuate the Signature Stone. A heritage wall adorned with photos of Louis Cartier (Jean Douseet’s great-great grandfather) and significant milestones in Jean’s family pays homage to the brand’s legacy while embracing innovation and artisanship. The boutique represents a new range of design possibilities for Jean Dousset and reflects the personal connection and artistic expression associated with an eponymous brand,

“The first of its kind, the Jean Dousset boutique represents the spirit of the brand: no compromises and the freedom to indulge oneself through creativity,” added Rebecca Rudolph, co-founder of Design, Bitches, Jean Dousset’s architecture firm. “Our collaboration with Jean has been liberating. We developed a new way to work, inspired by his passion for design, his quest to push the boundaries of craft, and his drive to break down the barriers surrounding luxury spaces.”

The boutique welcomes walk-ins and provides personalized one-on-one appointments in a dedicated back salon, allowing clients to design diamond engagement rings. Additionally, the front and wall displays will showcase Jean Dousset’s extensive array of bridal and everyday diamond jewelry, available for both purchase and the opportunity to try them on.

All Jean Dousset lab-grown diamonds are hand-selected by Dousset and a team of diamond specialists for their ideal “make,” which is a combination of excellent cut, polish, symmetry, and light-reflection properties, and diamonds over 1.5 carats are exclusively GIA-certified, the industry standard for diamond grading.