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JOOR Launches First Real-Time Dashboard for Brands

JOOR, the world’s largest wholesale platform and data exchange for fashion, beauty and home, has announced the official launch of Snapshot, the only tool that allows brands to have a clear, live view of how their wholesale business is trending. JOOR connects over 8,600 brands within 53 categories with 200,000 retail locations across 144 countries.

With Snapshot, brands are able to view several dynamically visualized sets of data to provide a real-time window into wholesale activity. Brands can access information about top styles, retailers, wholesale volume by order status and sales–and also previews retailer connection requests. Snapshot is available to brands using JOOR Pro immediately.

“This type of data visualization hasn’t been readily available to brands so they can understand key metrics around their wholesale business,” said Kristin Savilia, JOOR’s CEO. “Everyone theoretically understands the importance of having data. Yet no one is addressing how difficult it is to manage, let alone utilize in day-to-day business. We’re making data practical, easy and useful with Snapshot.”

 The 50 brand participants in the global beta called out certain Snapshot capabilities as especially valuable. These included the ability to measure top-selling styles by units, top retailers by volume, as well as the feature’s ease of visibility into seller activity and collection of key business statistics all in one place. Snapshot will add more vital capacities over the coming months–including an Appointment Hub (to track meetings with buyers), as well as the ability to track the number of views by style, line sheets by the retailer, geolocation, and actual sales vs. projections.

“Snapshot is going to save us time and provide us with a clear, live view of our best sellers and total sales,” said Yves Salomon’s Angelique Bardelli. “This will allow us to adjust our sales approach in real-time and focus on styles that will optimize revenue growth. Before Snapshot, we would run these reports every two days. Overall having this summarized view, particularly in busy seasons, will be valuable for our team to help reach our goals.”

Along with Snapshot, JOOR added the Spanish language to the global platform, in addition to its five other existing language options including French, German, Japanese, Italian and English.

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