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Agency Veteran Launches The Tease: A Digital Media Brand Aimed To Disrupt The Beauty & Salon Professional Industry

Kelly Ehlers

Ideas That Evoke, a digital media company with offices in Chicago and Los Angeles, has brought its newest digital brand to the forefront: The Tease, an inclusive, multi-channel destination dedicated to premium coverage of hair, beauty and culture. Kelly Ehlers, female founder behind Ideas That Evoke and The Evoke Agency, channeled her insider knowledge of the digital marketing, beauty and salon professional industries to unveil this new take on trade media.

Ehlers’ digital agency works with national and international clients and has been named one of Inc 500 and Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S. and Wisconsin for four years running, as well as one of the Top Entrepreneurial Companies in America by Entrepreneur Magazine two years running. With contributions to Forbes and AdAge Councils, Ehlers has become an icon in thought leadership and best practices for marketers around the country, as well as one of the most well-known marketers in the beauty and salon professional space.

“Growing up quite literally in the back of my mother’s small-town-Iowa salon, you could say I got my second education in the professional beauty industry,” says Ehlers. “Since then, I’ve spent my career working with many of the world’s top beauty and salon professional brands. There, I noticed an opportunity for a media brand to come to the forefront and talk to today’s pros and highly educated consumers in a different way.”

After discovering a void in the crossover of trade and professional content, Ehlers saw an incredible opportunity to fill the need herself. “We forget that salon and beauty professionals are consumers, too,” added Ehlers. “This ongoing relationship is being ignored, and The Tease solves for that need.”

This brand-agnostic platform informed by insight, curiosity and razor sharp commentary was designed by Ehlers to keep multiple subsects of the beauty sphere in-the-know and on-trend with smart, candid reporting and exclusive editorial content (such as articles, videos and podcasts).

“This publication offers content as engaging and upbeat as consumer-facing channels at a much higher caliber of detail and education,” says Ehlers. “The Tease bypasses the basics to give industry-familiar readers info that is more substantial and interesting and extends itself beyond the trends to talk to the hair-and-beauty-obsessed about things they actually ought to be obsessed with.”

With The Tease’s coverage of industry news, beauty trends and more, Ehlers will revive a genuine conversation about beauty. This new era of content is hitting the digital presses and encouraging all tiers of the beauty community to learn, share and engage together. With this shift in beauty media, pros and prosumers will be informed, enlightened and given a smile as they scroll. For more information on The Tease, including editorial and strategic partnerships, please email