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Tough, Dynamic, Sustainable: Bellroy Introduces Baida Nylon

Photo credit: Bellroy

Baida. /Beɪdə/ n. Named for the ocean, and based on the Korean word for ‘sea’ – Bada. And, like the sea itself, Bellroy’s uniquely developed Baida Nylon is both tough and elegant, dynamic and intriguing. The 100% recycled nylon is made from pre-consumer industrial waste – that may not sound very appealing, but the innovative carry brand is certain that anyone who comes face-to-face with Baida will see just how alluring that waste can become (if you treat it right).

Exclusively developed for Bellroy in a specialist South Korean mill, this highly technical fabric is woven from recycled industrial waste that is naturally durable and lightweight. The yarn is heat-treated to achieve its crinkle effect and then given a water-resistant coating.

“To achieve the look, finish and performance we wanted for our products,” explained Bellroy’s head of product development Arya Ghavifekr, “we applied a complex combination of heat, environmentally friendly chemical and face coating treatments to give the fabric extra strength, a unique crinkle texture, and greater water resistance and overall durability.”


First tested on its Apex Backpack, Baida is now available across a wider range of Bellroy products, including some newly released travel backpacks and weekenders.

“Our Apex project pushed our development in countless areas,” said Bellroy’s founding designer, Andy Fallshaw, “including the design of our unique Baida Nylon fabric. We wanted to create a bag fabric that could transition seamlessly between the performance demands of the outdoors, and the aesthetic and sensory needs of indoor settings. We’re delighted to now bring the results of this research and development into more of our range, for more people to enjoy.”

It has been developed to be strong yet “floaty” and function to a highly technical specification. It was more than a year in development, and is unique to Bellroy.

“We wanted all of the benefits of nylon as a very strong, durable and lightweight material,” said Ghavifekr, “while maintaining our commitment to the environment and our sustainability goals. We did so many trials over the course of a year, just to find the right recycled raw material. We chose pre-consumer industrial waste as a starting point to salvage these materials before they are released into the environment – and make sure that when they do reach consumers they have been upcycled into a beautiful and robust Nylon fabric.”

Fallshaw added, “The polyamide family of fabrics – more commonly known as nylons – have served countless Everest summits, as they provide genuine performance attributes while remaining really lightweight. But previously, these engineered nylons were shiny and noisy, and difficult to recycle. Our new Baida Nylon introduces an intriguing creped surface with a matte coating that maintains all the performance characteristics of these mountaineering staples, without the shine or noise.”

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