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The Bachelor’s Lauren Burnham-Luyendyk Announces Shades of Rose Fashion Label

Photos by McCall Ryan

Former reality television personality Lauren Burnahm-Luyendyk is thrilled to announce the launch of her fashion label, Shades of Rose, a 12-piece collection available exclusively online. The line is a lifestyle inspired brand for the spirited muse who cannot be defined as one thing because there are many shades to who she is-courageously herself, paving her own path and is always up for a little adventure along the way.

“I have always been drawn to fashion and styling,” said Burnahm-Luyendyk. “I started modeling for local designers during high school and was introduced to a swimwear designer who let me design a suit with her and that’s when I fell in love!  I’ve been wanting to create my own line ever since! I’ve spent the last two years working on this and despite the obstacles like COVID that we’ve had to overcome, we’re finally ready!”

Burnham-Luyendyk’s USA-designed lifestyle-inspired line includes: blazers, blouses, bodysuits, dresses, pants, rompers, shirtdresses, skirts, and tops, all of which range in price from $40 to $150.

“I was conscious of the current state of the world while creating the pieces for launch,” continued Burnahm-Luyendyk. “I designed pieces that could be dressed up or down to fit our customer’s needs.  Many of them are inspired by my favorite casual ‘stay at home’ staples, elevated with feminine details.”

Shades of Rose plans to release two additional collections from Burnham-Luyendyk’s line in 2020, including Fall and Holiday. The line was designed by Burnham-Luyendyk, with support from: Creative Manager: Lizeth Alba, Designer: Aimee Poynor, Lead: Diana Lie, Tech: Barbara Lipinski, Production: Sainairia Parker, and Principal Photography by McCall Ryan.