Reservoir Introduces Rooster Feather Bands

Illustration courtesy of Reservoir

Watch brand Reservoir has announced the development of a high-end watch bracelet made of rooster feathers. Braided in the Parisian workshops Atelier M.Marceau by the “plumassier” Maxime Leroy, the new watch accessory is available in a full-fledged chromatic quintet.

Leroy typically works with brands like Chanel, Givenchy and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Selected for their correct width, matched according to their nuances, then glued to block the beards, the feathers of the collar, or collars, are then braided diagonally.

“During the seven years that I taught, I talked a lot with the watchmaking teacher. We made clock faces decorated with the bestiary with my students,” Leroy said. “For this adventure with Reservoir, the technique developed is like a partition. My fingers are raised, my tool slides, and I become a musician dialogue with the material. This know-how allows the feather to be discreet. We read it, but it is forgotten.”

‌The feather bracelets are braided and assembled by a feather craftsman in a workshop in Paris. The preparation of feather bracelets takes place in several stages, the whole operation taking ten hours.

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