Zenni Provides Blue Light-Blocking Glasses for Dignitas

Courtesy of Dignitas

Dignitas, the e-sports vertical of New Meta Entertainment Inc. (NME), has announced a partnership with Zenni, the online eyewear retailer, through December 31. Dignitas’ women will wear Zenni Blokz eyewear to protect their eyes from the blue light that emits from digital screens during competition and live streaming. Zenni will also join forces with all of Dignitas’ female e-sports athletes (including its World Champion Counter-Strike team) and acclaimed _FE initiative to promote its anti-bullying campaign.

“World Champion gamers need to spend countless hours in front of the screen, perfecting their craft. We want the team to protect their eyes from the harmful blue light that emits from digital screens and to help them level up their competitive play,” said Sean Pate, brand marketing and communications officer for Zenni. “We’re very pleased to partner with Dignitas, one of the most dynamic all-women’s teams in esports, and the organization’s _FE initiative, as we believe Zenni is eyewear for everyone.”

Announced in August 2020, _FE is Dignitas’ female-focused initiative, committed to supporting women in the gaming community with educational, social and competitive opportunities.

“Partnering with a leading online eyewear brand like Zenni presents an incredible opportunity to level up our female initiatives,” said Heather Garozzo, vice president of talent at Dignitas and former professional gamer. “Both Zenni and Dignitas share similar goals of elevating women in the e-sports space while striving to create positive counters to online harassment.”

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