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Cellings EMS Leggings Hit Fundraising Goal

Photo by Celling Kickstarter Campaign

Tobortec, has surpassed its funding goal for the Cellings Kickstarter campaign. Cellings is a pair of leggings that uses electro muscle stimulation pads to assist with muscle growth, muscle toning and soreness recovery.

Despite how easy it is to use EMS technology for muscle care, it has been widely accessible only to professionals in the physical therapy industry. Tobortec sought out to create a lifestyle product that would combine both functional wear and EMS technology that could be enjoyed by anyone at any time. With a team consisting of researchers experienced in creating high-quality activewear and EMS technology, Cellings was created for the general public.

During the testing phase, Tobortec discovered that its strategically-placed EMS pads on the core muscles, hips, hamstring and glute areas on the leggings drastically helped with muscle growth, muscle toning and muscle recovery when combined with moderate amounts of exercise. With 15 different levels of intensity, users can select the setting they are most comfortable with and can slowly work their way up in order to maximize the effects of the EMS pads.

While the technology is one of the key points of Cellings, the design was not compromised during the development process. Cellings is made from sweat-wicking materials and the ultra-comfortable fabric allows for maximum movement so that it can withstand any type of movement during physical exercises. Separate sizes and fits for men and women are available. To top it off, the EMS module which can placed on either the right or left side of the hip to target specific areas can be taken off so that Cellings can be washed after each use.

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