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Courtesy of Shop Collaboré

Introducing a collaborative digital platform for second-chance overstock

You’ve dealt with canceled orders, overstock, returns and supply chain problems unlike any before over the past few months. So what can you do with all of your unsold product? Shop Collaboré, an emerging, trend-driven, eco-friendly e-commerce site, might have a solution.

The platform is bringing a fashionable solution to the COVID-19 crisis by partnering with brands and manufacturers to sell overstock created by canceled orders. Collaboré is French for “collaborated,” an ethos embedded in the organization’s name as well as its actions. The website provides a platform for sustainable designers to offer their products and present them alongside a community of like-minded brands.

“We launched Shop Collaboré in response to the global pandemic, a time when our manufacturing partners were being decimated by cancelled orders from retailers,” said the Shop Collaboré team in a joint statement. “We found this to be a pivotal moment for spotlighting sustainability and the need to reduce waste and our carbon footprint as well as support ethical and transparent sourcing.”

Shop Collaboré’s mission is to educate consumers on the importance of conscious consumerism while encouraging waste reduction and offering affordable, fashionable and responsible women’s ready-to-wear clothing. Initiatives include a weekly “Sustainable Saturday” series on their website’s journal, as well as future plans for live streaming educational content and sharing the platform with its customers. A contemporary, eco-minded aesthetic showcases key women’s categories and fashion-forward trends using the digital space to connect style with purpose. 

The e-commerce site, which targets modern women interested in authenticity and sustainability, was created by the three founders of Salt Lab LA, a private label design and consulting company. Using their experience in the corporate fashion world, Salt aims to shift big corporation practices to modernize the industry.

“By collaborating with brands and manufacturers, we source fashion liability around the world and repurpose it,” the founders continued. “Whether that means locating inventory that’s sitting on shelves in a warehouse or designing new styles with deadstock fabrics, Shop Collaboré feels a social responsibility to find answers to the question, ‘What do we do with what’s already out there?’ It is our belief that brands and retailers must act responsibly, ethically and sustainably to ensure the future of our planet and our workers.”

Shop Collaboré has two key e-commerce strategies to support its initiatives. The first is the Responsible Shop, which showcases product from brands and manufacturers who have excess inventory to liquidate. It also highlights brands who are making a conscious effort towards a responsible business model. These include pieces from various well-known contemporary brands as well as smaller, local businesses. The second is the Sustainable Shop, which is a platform for sustainable wholesale designers and brands to feature their products.  

To achieve its mission, Shop Collaboré is calling on design and manufacturing partners to join its platform and create momentum to shift and encourage the fashion industry to embrace a sustainable future. An ongoing focus is to help smaller sustainable brands receive recognition and provide an inclusive fashion platform. For more information, visit shopcollabore.com.

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