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Tukatech Updates to Subscription Software

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TukaWeb has made updates to its site, including the shift of software subscriptions to a monthly auto-renewal model. Subscribers will no longer have to pay in advance for each month of use, but now, they will be billed automatically until they cancel. This will ensure uninterrupted software access and continued flexibility for any duration needed to use the software.

As a New Year gift to the Industry, new subscribers will be able to try any software package free for 30 days, and receive access to online, self-paced software training courses via the Tuka Academy of Pattern Engineering (TAPE).

The new subscription model is available for all TukaCad packages – including Tuka APM for automatic pattern making – and the Tuka3D Designer Edition software. Existing subscribers will finish out any time they have paid for under the previous model, then automatically transition to the auto-renewal model when they re-subscribe.

According to Chris Walia, Tukatech’s chief operations officer, the fashion businesses who have switched from physical software keys or dongles tend to prefer the cloud-based license subscription. This has been an especially popular option during the pandemic, with many professionals needing to work remotely.

“We see new TukaCad and Tuka3D DE Visualizer subscribers every day,” Walia said. “Software subscriptions in the apparel industry will be the norm, even after the pandemic.”

TUKAgroup Founder and Chairman Ram Sareen believes the software subscription model is the only way for the fashion industry technology sector to move forward. This model, he says, will reduce the barrier to entry for new fashion businesses and give them access to technology that reduces their product development time. With his methods and recommended processes, apparel companies can save 50% or more on people and time.

In addition to Tukatech software subscriptions, TukaWeb offers services for CAD data conversion, pattern making, grading, marker making and 3D sample making. Users can also take advantage of the assets library, which is updated weekly with pre-made 2D patterns and 3D garments to use as fashion design templates for new styles.

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