Leaders: What Will You Have to Welcome?

Although your change has forced you to rise above many challenges, you have finally reached a new plateau where consistent success resides. Now you yearn for what is beyond. In your pursuit of greater heights, you are determined to stand at the doorway of uncertainty, keenly aware of the strength, clarity and courage it will take to run towards the unknown fearlessly.

In my last article, “Leaders: How Will You Become a Champion?” I shared the most significant characteristics of the seventh of the nine stages of change, “champion.” In this article, I introduce the eighth stage, “welcome,” to help you determine if you are on this stage of the change process and provide techniques to create forward movement towards mastery.

Movement Toward Possibility

Your change will always be a part of your life, and you have become comfortable with elements that still have an impact. You accept and honor all of your emotions and the role you play in relationships and situations. Now, you recognize that, until recently, everything and everyone has been filtered through the hazy lens of your change. With more clarity and strength, along with a strong reliance on your dynamic energy, you can correct actions that could delay your goals. Even though you have experienced many losses related to your change, you are at peace. You have learned to thrive in the midst of uncertainty and know you will master your change.


On the “welcome” stage, difficulties are viewed as mile markers that bring you closer to your destination. Of course, you would love to speed ahead and avoid the traffic, detours and other obstructions on the road. However, in your quest to embrace new possibilities, you are prepared to meet head-on any hurdles you may encounter. Options provide variety and choice and should not be viewed as something you had to give up or miss experiencing. You are amazed at who you have been and lean into who you are becoming.

Release yourself from the philosophy that you must be the best at everything. Loosen your grip on the need for perfection. Then, you will be able to celebrate the experience and rewards that come from walking into any situation open-minded and curious, confident that success awaits you.

Embrace Wellness

One of my favorite definitions of wellness comes from the Alliance Institute for Integrative Medicine: “We view wellness as much more than just a state of physical health. It also encompasses emotional stability, clear thinking, the ability to love, create and embrace change, exercise intuition and experience a continuing sense of spirituality.”

Your actions must demonstrate that you cherish and maintain a high level of wellness to better channel your thoughts, emotions and actions to pursue future aspirations. Dynamic energy is present when your thoughts and emotions are used to accelerate productive, progressive and sustainable actions to build a life you love.

Dynamic energy can operate as a sensor, letting you know when something or someone has interfered with your ability to maintain peak performance. Like a magnifying glass, it can enhance your ability to identify and eliminate subtle obstacles. Pay attention when you feel your energy has been compromised. Analyze whether it has been weakened by internal or external challenges, especially those that involve your financial, relationship and body environments. Then, take actions to strengthen your dynamic energy, and fortify wellness. The result? More success with less stress!

Release Yourself

Now you have reached a point where you are more able to forgive others. Your act of forgiveness does not minimize what they might have done or the impact it has had on your professional life. It means you no longer will allow the emotions attached to it to suppress your energy or potential. Of course, numerous elements may be outside your sphere of influence. Willingness to make efforts to minimize friction in your relationship environment will enhance your physical and dynamic energy. Remember, whatever happens, accept what you can influence. Others’ responses are not in your control.

Still, inner conflict may hold you back from asking for forgiveness. It is time for you to pardon the person you may find the hardest to forgive: yourself. Do not hold yourself hostage to your past. Acknowledge and accept you are not the same person you were before. Clarify assumptions you might cling to about things you may or may not have done or said. Separate fact from fiction. And, if necessary, seek forgiveness.

The next article will introduce the ninth and final stage of the Nine Aspects of Change, “master.”

Donna Johnson-Klonsky, MBA, PCC

DJ Consulting Services, Inc.

East Fishkill, New York 12533


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