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It’s Time to Replace the Window AC

SOURCE Gradient

Gradient, created by thermal scientists and execs from Tesla and Nest, replaces conventional window AC units with a revolutionary design: quiet, efficient, year-round cooling and heating without blocking the window; Gradient is reimagining HVAC to fight climate change

Gradient, a company built by thermal scientists to rethink HVAC and build products that are good for the planet and great at cooling and heating homes, is announcing the development of its first product, a replacement for the window AC. Gradient will replace the conventional home window AC with a more efficient, space-saving, better-designed solution that keeps homes cool with advanced heat pump technology and a climate-friendly refrigerant. Customers are invited to sign up now for the exclusive beta program at Gradientcomfort.com.

Air conditioning is essential to quality of life and work productivity, but the basic design of window air conditioners has not changed in 50 years. Too often, the very same air conditioning that makes life tolerable in hot weather is also contributing to making climate change worse; heating and cooling systems are responsible for 20% of global carbon emissions.

“Gradient has a mission to cool the world by transforming every home to be more comfortable and healthy for the people who inhabit it — without compromising the environment. We believe we can build a better home air conditioning solution while fighting climate change,” said Vince Romanin, CEO of Gradient. “Air conditioning is one of the most essential amenities to keep people comfortable and productive in a warming world, but too many people are struggling with antiquated window AC units that are clunky, noisy, heavy, and inefficient. Gradient offers a beautiful, intuitive design, a more efficient, sleek, quiet air conditioning experience, and climate-friendly refrigerants. Building a better air conditioner is one of the most effective ways to help people stay comfortable at home while helping to slash carbon emissions from HVAC systems.”

SOURCE Gradient

The Gradient is designed to be easy to install and does not block the view like a traditional window AC unit. It provides the benefits of a professional-grade heat pump system at a fraction of the cost. It can provide cooling and heating year-round and is easy to use via mobile app.

Gradient was founded in 2017 and has raised over $13MM in venture funding; investors include Ajax Strategies, At One Ventures, Prime Coalition, Incite Ventures, Autodesk Foundation, Urban Us, Magic Hour, and leading Silicon Valley angels. The company has also received over $9MM in government grants from the U.S. Department of Energy, California Energy Commission, and California Strategic Growth Council.

“Home air conditioning is an underrated aspect of the overall conversation around climate change, and we see a big opportunity for Gradient to disrupt the home HVAC space by developing a much-improved, climate-friendly replacement for the traditional window unit AC,” said Milo Werner, Partner with Ajax Strategies. “Millions of Americans need an air conditioning solution, but their options are limited to out-of-date window and floor units that block their view, make a lot of noise, and contribute to climate change. The current technology has not improved in decades. As more people work from home, there is a higher level of consumer interest in getting a high-quality home air conditioner that really works. Gradient has a great product and an excellent team who are thinking creatively about addressing the needs of this market with a beautiful, intuitive, consumer-focused solution.”

Gradient spun out from Otherlab, a private R&D lab in San Francisco that has leveraged over $40MM in government grants to incubate hard tech companies in the manufacturing, energy, and robotics industries. Founded by thermal scientists and engineers, flanked by talent from juggernauts like Tesla and Nest, the Gradient team is uniquely qualified to solve this problem.

The Gradient solution will be available for sale nationwide in Spring 2022. In the meantime, you can learn more and sign up for Gradient’s exclusive beta program at GradientComfort.com.

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