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The Debate is Over: New “Crocs Socks” Collection Adds Personality & Style to an Iconic Look

Photo Credit: Leeor Wild, SOURCE Crocs, Inc.

Crocs, Inc. recently announced the official debut of Crocs Socks, a first-of-its-kind collection of high-quality socks, to level up Croc Nation’s personal style by creating a fun, expressive addition to an iconic, everyday look.

Crocs and socks have long been debated by fans around the world, with those in favor embracing the opportunity to celebrate comfort and self-expression. With prints featuring tie-dye, marble, camouflage and out of this world graphics in low, quarter and crew heights, the new Crocs Socks collection creates yet another avenue for personalization, while allowing consumers to showcase their unique socks style paired with their favorite Crocs shoes.

Photo Credit: Leeor Wild, SOURCE Crocs, Inc.

Available in 3-Pack and 3-Of-A-Kind formats, each SKU – 23 in total – is inspired by footwear within Crocs’ Classic Collection, including the brand’s iconic Crocs Classic Clog, and Jibbitz™ charms. Each Crocs Socks pack can be paired together or mixed-and-matched for a truly one-of-a-kind style statement.

“We’re a brand that celebrates self-expression through personal style and Croc Nation has been confidently rocking their Crocs with socks for years now,” said Heidi Cooley, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Crocs. “This is something our fans have been asking for, so we’re thrilled to introduce the new Crocs Socks collection around the world and encourage everyone to be comfortable in their own shoes.”

Credit: Leeor Wild, SOURCE Crocs, Inc.

Crocs Socks were developed through a multi-year design and manufacturing partnership with California-based textile and technology company FutureStitch. Founded in 2017 by serial entrepreneur and knitwear manufacturing expert, Taylor Shupe, FutureStitch is the leader in creating innovative, long-lasting, high-quality products with a focus on social and environment consciousness.

“FutureStitch and Crocs have a shared philosophy around making self-expression comfortable,” says FutureStitch Co-Founder and CEO, Taylor Shupe. “The Crocs Socks collection celebrates the convergence of creativity and engineered comfort. Partnering with Crocs allows us to push the design boundaries and develop products that enhance the Crocs footwear experience.”

The Crocs Socks collection is engineered with high-quality elastic to help socks stay up, twisted and compacted yarn for improved durability, and a mesh arch band for fit and comfort.

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