XIVI Menswear Merges Style, Comfort & Sustainability

XIVI, a menswear and women’s/unisex brand that was founded in November 2020 by Taylor Rose, combines luxury apparel with loungewear. The brand features T-shirts, bottoms and outerwear for men and lounge sets and sleep sets for women and the brand’s unisex line. The line of Softer Briefs and Lounge Shorts are ideal for hanging around the house, while button ups and polos provide the perfect option for an outing. XIVI products are casual, sleek and comfortable, and switch between business and leisure to stay in comfort. XIVI clothing is designed for adults of all ages and gender, giving customers timeless style and class every day with a tailored fit of the highest quality and sustainable fabrics, the brand said.

Using a blend of Tencel — a cellulosic fiber obtained from eucalyptus pulp using recyclable solvents that is processed into fibers that are used to create yarn and fabrics —and cotton, a silky yet durable fabric was created for use in the brand’s loungewear pieces. Some key benefits of using the Tencel fiber are the fact that it is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, hypoallergenic and lightweight. By including eucalyptus in the fabric of its clothing, the brand says that its customers are able to achieve an eco-friendly lifestyle and also stay clean, because XIVI fabric features antibacterial, odor-resistant and temperature-regulating properties.

According to the brand’s website, XIVI follows sustainable practices throughout each aspect of the design process, including dyeing fabrics without added chemicals. Other green measures at XIVI include a partnership with Noissue, a sustainable, custom packaging provider, to provide 100% recyclable packaging and gift wrapping and planting one tree to match every purchase made from the brand.

XIVI is a partner of Career Gear and Good360, a program through which XIVI customers can return and re-cycle their gently-worn XIVI products and receive a discount on their next purchase in return. Career Gear is a not-for-profit organization based in New York City that empowers men of all ages, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds with the tools to achieve financial independence. Good360 is an Alexandria, Virginia-based charity organization that helps individuals, families and communities that are impacted by natural disasters or other challenging life circumstances.

To utilize the give-back program, customers can ship their worn in, gently-worn or unwanted XIVI products back to the brand’s headquarters and receive a unique discount code for their next purchase. This program helps to reduce the amount of clothes that ends up in landfills, said the brand.