Leaders — Embrace “Purposeful Intentions”

“The link between well-being and purpose is strong. People who say that they are ‘living their purpose’ at work report levels of well-being that are five times higher than those who say that they are not. Research shows they are also healthier, more productive and more resilient,” according to an article in McKinsey & Company titled “Future Proof: Solving the ‘Adaptability Paradox’ for the Long Term.”

Like how misaligned tires can make a vehicle harder to control, tasks or projects that are not aligned with our higher purpose will impact our effectiveness, resilience and well-being. In the last article, “Leaders — Stand on Truths,” I shared the most significant characteristics of the change proficiency, Stand on Truths. This article will introduce the next change proficiency tool, “Purposeful Intentions,” to help you strengthen the link between your higher purpose and your projects to achieve greater success.

Embrace “Purposeful Intentions”

To embrace “Purposeful Intentions” is to form a continual connection between our higher purpose and the work necessary to achieve our objective. In most careers or businesses, some assignments fall under our responsibility that we may not want to do, even though those tasks may be essential to achieving our dreams. When you embrace the change proficiency tool “Purposeful Intentions,” you create and sustain a bridge between your end goal and the projects that make that vision a reality.

Why You Must Embrace and Nurture Your “Purposeful Intentions”

I remember how excited I was when I started to write my monthly column on leaders and change. Although thinking about a successful outcome inspired me, I found certain aspects, like editing, boring. On occasion, that led me to focus more on the writing part that I loved and less on the tedious editing. When working on a project, we may be more driven by the end result than specific tasks. Or we may be so absorbed in completing a particular assignment that we lose sight of our higher purpose. Have you ever procrastinated during a project because you felt stuck or unmotivated?

The change proficiency “Purposeful Intentions” can help you to avoid procrastination, even when faced with tasks that you would rather not do. It will help you “see” your work through the lens of your higher purpose. Then, a stronger connection is formed between your dreams and each of the activities. The result? You will experience greater effectiveness and success.

Embracing “Purposeful Intentions”

To embrace “Purposeful Intentions,” you need to connect with your higher purpose, filter activities through your intention and monitor the connection.

Connect with Higher Purpose

What is your higher purpose? What end goal, when you think about it, makes your heart beat faster? Some of us can readily identify our dream, while others can only envision the beginning of the journey. Either way, the first step to embrace “Purposeful Intentions” is to identify and clarify your aspirations to the best of your ability.

Filter Activities Through Intention

When you filter your activities through your higher purpose, it creates a connection between your heart and mind, unleashing powerful motivation and energy. Imagine the fingers on your right hand represents your purpose and your left hand your activities. Now, interlock them. The closer your two hands are linked, the easier it is to form and feel a connection. What happens if you spread your hands further apart? There is a loss of connectivity and stability.

Your higher purpose must be infused into everything you do. As mentioned earlier, I sometimes find editing my articles to be somewhat bland. So, before I start editing articles, I focus on my higher purpose, which is to help professionals approach, process and successfully master changes that they face in their lives and how my articles support that end goal. Likewise, the closer your projects are connected with your “why,” the easier it will be to channel your passion into more challenging tasks and overcome procrastination. You will be amazed at your results if you focus on how your activities relate to your higher purpose before you begin any task or project.

Monitor Connection

To achieve professional success, you must maintain a delicate balance between your activities and purpose. Too much reliance on your dreams could lead to a greater concentration on “feel good actions” and avoidance of other necessary tasks. On the other hand, being driven primarily by the pressure of endless assignments and deadlines can weaken your mental fortitude and negatively impact performance. Therefore, to embrace “Purposeful Intentions,” you must continually reevaluate the connection between your purpose and the actual work.

When you embrace “Purposeful Intentions,” you empower your higher purpose to support your goal and release energy from within to push past procrastination and gain momentum.

The next article will introduce the Change Proficiency tool, “Give Change A Chance.”

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