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“Homespun — True Tales of Tweed” Gives Insider Look into the Fascinating World of the Iconic Fabric

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Independent literary imprint house Thane & Prose has launched “Homespun – True Tales of Tweed” by J.Joseph Pastrana its much-anticipated fashion title for 2022. A must-read for true fashion fans or anyone and everyone with an interest in history and style, the non-fiction book delivers a comprehensive and entertaining look at the rich legacy of tweed while exploring contemporary use of the fabric in fashion, costumes for film, television and stage, accessories and interior design. It takes readers along pivotal moments from its humble beginnings to becoming essential to couture runways, the wardrobes of royalty and the very rich, as well as today’s hopes for sustainability and inclusivity.

Learn the captivating stories behind tweed’s use by Chanel, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. Read first-person accounts from designers such as Alan Flusser and Joseph Abboud, as well as from leading creatives of iconic menswear labels Paul Stuart, Cordings, and Ralph Lauren, costume and interior designers including Peter Sandel and Jane Greenwood, Savile Row tailor Norton & Sons’ Patrick Grant, and innovative sources Dashing Tweeds, Linton Tweeds and Magee1866. From the haunting landscapes of Scotland to the dynamic prefectures of Japan, from the soundstages of Hollywood to the footlights of Broadway, from the cobblestne streets of London to the towering skyscrapers of New York City, it’s an unforgettable journey of style through the past, present and future of this iconic fabric. “Homespun – True Tales of Tweed” by J.Joseph Pastrana ($27.99) is available to order in hardcover at or