Newswire Tech Tailor Partners with Find.Fashion for Visual Searching Powered by AI and Emotion Recognition

Photo Courtesy - Business Wire now works with Find.Fashion visual search to offer shoppers a new AI-powered shopping experience on its mobile shopping site. Find.Fashion’s AI-based technology combines data with emotion recognition to make it easy to search among millions of items and find one to fall in love with instantly.

Find.Fashion technology makes search more efficient by prioritizing emotion within the user’s actions instead of relying on text-based entries or historical data that can be skewed by changes in tastes and seasons. This new technology removes the requirement for shoppers to verbally describe what they want and employs an intuitive visual search that gives otherwise hidden gems a 4x higher likelihood of being found.

“Some shoppers aren’t sure exactly what they want, they just know Swap is a good place to find it at a great value,” said Antonio Gallizio, board member and Chief Commercial Officer at “Adding Find.Fashion visual search makes it easier to find what they want in that moment, and it makes the shopping experience easier, faster, and more engaging. We know this because buyers that use the search walk away happier with their purchases and find more products on our site that they inevitably buy.”

“We’re thrilled customers are enjoying Find.Fashion visual product search with emotion recognition and that we’ve been able to help the company exceed its ecommerce goals in such a short amount of time,” said Heikki Haldre, Find.Fashion CEO and co-founder. ”There is no doubt visual search is blowing text search out of the water.”