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Nobis Commemorates Lunar New Year with Exclusive Capsule

Photo Courtesy - CNW Group/Nobis

 In celebration of the Year of The Tiger, luxury Canadian outerwear brand Nobis has announced the launch of its 2022 Lunar New Year Capsule Collection. “Nobis” in Latin translates to “us,” and since its inception, the brand has celebrated culture and emphasized the importance of community collaboration and representation. This year, Nobis celebrates the Year of the Tiger by partnering with Fête Chinoise, a Chinese-Canadian cultural platform created by design firm Palettera to develop a special edition print that celebrates the themes of bravery and courage, and places it at the forefront of the capsule. The three-piece limited-edition capsule features two quilted mid-layer jackets and a reversible bucket hat which were brought to life through the eyes of renowned Toronto director and photographer Justin Wu.

“This year, we are honored to introduce our very first Lunar New Year capsule that has given Nobis the opportunity to get involved with respected cultural champions who have played integral roles in bringing this collection to life,” said Kevin Au-Yeung, president and co-founder of Nobis.

“From design to creative, each person involved truly embodies the core values we represent at Nobis and we are thrilled to offer a unique opportunity to share a new narrative around the cultural significance and importance of this monumental celebration through fashion,” added Robin Yates, vice president and co-founder of Nobis.

The limited-edition print puts forth a design that celebrates cultural heritage, weaving together the past and the contemporary. Captivating in its literal aesthetic, the tiger-stripes and poetic tree branches carrying thousands of little plum blossoms represent the long-held tradition of strength and growth, despite adversity. The joint efforts of Nobis and Fête Chinoise work to transpose these cultural traditions by deconstructing the visual elements of the revered Tiger and the auspicious plum blossoms to create a one-of-a-kind culturally-rooted design statement.

“This year is the year of the Water Tiger, a year of determinism and spontaneity” says Deborah Lau-Yu, principal and art director of Palettera. “Tigers express themselves boldly, which is captured in the unique print with grand hand-painted brush strokes that are simultaneously nature in two parts. The branches of plum blossoms dance across the page in an energetic nod to tradition and its relationship with nature.”

Together, Nobis and Fête Chinoise set out to create something that was not typical for Lunar New Year in North America. Instead, through the lens of art and culture, the partnership seizes an opportunity to provide deeper knowledge and appreciation for the occasion, with an exquisite and original design. Through this collaboration, Nobis intended to showcase a strong sense of community as each partner involved in the process, from design to photography, played an authentic and important role in bringing the capsule to life, said the brand.

Nobis’ Lunar New Year capsule is available online at and at retailers. Prices range from $95$695.