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Gemist Personalizes the Jewelry Industry with Design Technology

Photo Courtesy - Courtney Aylee Rhodes

Gemist is the first digital platform that allows consumers to design jewelry and try it on before they buy. Founded by Madeline Fraser, Gemist empowers users to be their own designer and create fine

jewelry that is truly unique to them, all while eliminating any and all forms of buyers’ remorse with a home try-on experience wherein consumers can test drive replicas of their designs before committing to making an important purchase, the company said.

“Gemist’s mission has always been to put the power of creativity and choice in the hands of our customers,” said Fraser. “That’s why we’re excited to include new styles and customization options, adding even more flexibility and personalization to our online design experience.”

Gemist offers artisan-quality fine jewelry without retail mark-ups, with a wide randge of options at a variety of price points starting at $200. Each piece is made-to-order with sustainable and responsibly sourced materials in Los Angeles. Fraser, who is a serial entrepreneur, came up with the idea of Gemist while she was designing her own engagement ring, the company said. Fraser shared that she found the process antiquated and time-consuming, and that she did not know what companies to trust to provide real quality jewelry at a fair price. Realizing that the industry needed a refresh, Fraser utilized her tech background to develop and introduce a user-friendly online platform to the jewelry industry.

Photo Courtesy – Trever Orr

Since 2020, Gemist has streamlined the jewelry design and buying process. With Gemist, the process is simple: select your cut, setting, metal, stone, band and width. Customers are also able to try before they buy, receiving up to three designs in person for a complimentary two-week trial period before they make a final decision to purchase. The company also offers a one-year warranty for jewelry purchases.

This season, Gemist launched its Delicate Diamonds collection, an assortment of pieces featuring half-carat natural diamonds, perfect as delicate engagement rings or to be stacked for everyday wear. Later this year, Gemist will be introducing more exciting new initiatives, including the addition of sterling silver as a metal option, the launch of wide wedding bands and the launch of DeBeers Code of Origin Diamonds.

Gemist will be adding sterling silver as a metal option to the vast majority of their existing, best selling styles, the company said. The introduction of sterling silver provides quality fine jewelry at an even more accessible price point. They are also launching new solid 14K gold wedding bands in two wider widths and three metal colors ways (yellow, white and rose). These are designed for men, but can be worn by anyone.

Gemist’s partnership with DeBeers, one of the brand’s principal investors, sheds light on the truth about natural diamonds, the company said, and beginning this year, Gemist will feature DeBeers’ esteemed Code of Origin diamonds. The Code of Origin trust mark signifies that the diamond is natural, conflict-free, was discovered in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa or Canada and has helped provide jobs, healthcare and education with a particular focus on programs supporting women and girls.

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