Inclusive Lingerie Brand Untamed Lingerie Honors Femininity

Photo Courtesy - @JM.Boudoir

As everyone excitedly sheds their oversized, quarantine-appropriate athleisure, lingerie is making a post-pandemic comeback with celebrities from Rihanna to Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian sporting sexy, boudoir-ready pieces on the runway, street and big screen. New inclusive and affordable brand, Untamed Lingerie, is here to make sexy accessible to every woman regardless of size or budget.

The brand’s founder, Sheridan Labbé, is uniquely positioned to run her own fashion house, having a diverse range of experience in finance, marketing, education, e-commerce and fashion. A marketing professional at heart, Labbé ran her own branding agency, Untamed Marketing, for more than seven years, where she primarily served small businesses. Inspired by her clients — many of whom were female entrepreneurs — she decided to switch gears and launch her own fashion brand, Untamed Lingerie, in 2018.

Photo Courtesy – @JM.Boudoir

“I observed so many women who suppressed their sensuality and feminine nature because they had to tend to practical needs of survival,” said Labbé. “Caring for families and striving for meaningful careers left little time for these strong, powerful women to lean into their vulnerability and explore their womanhood.”

As her own career grew, Labbé found her own daily routine lacking in moments of self-care as well, which is why she set out to create a brand that not only sold lingerie but gave women an outlet through which to connect to their femininity, sensuality and sexuality — regardless of their partnership status or other responsibilities.

“Untamed is not about being sexy for someone else,” Labbé said. “Untamed is a way for women to honor their womanhood and revel in their femininity without judgment or restraint.”

In addition to being an inclusive e-commerce store, carrying lingerie in sizes small to 5XL, Untamed Lingerie offers a safe, educational platform through its blog, where guest writers include sex rights activists and sex educators. Both here and through Untamed’s social media channels, women can connect to relevant content and explore their sensuality in a safe space.

Untamed Lingerie also hosts in-person Boudoir Experiences in major cities, where women can be inspired and educated in a safe, judgment-free environment. As an inaugural member of Amazon’s

Black Business Accelerator Program, Untamed Lingerie is poised to elevate its brand and continue inspiring women across the globe to be untamed.

As for what’s next for Sheridan Labbé and Untamed, the brand and its founder are currently focused on growth. “There is an opportunity in the market to expand in multiple directions,” said Labbé, who is currently working with her team to develop products in the sex toy space and increase the footprint of her in-person events, which were temporarily on hold due to COVID-19.

Though she is always busy with her own brand and exploring next steps, Labbé is happy to offer advice to fellow entrepreneurs and designers looking to strike out on their own.

“My advice is to continue to fill your tank,” Labbé shared. “There will be challenges and roadblocks. You may feel burned out or unmotivated at times. When these moments occur, continue to nurture your spirit and creativity and remember why you started. Don’t be afraid to live your life untamed.”

Untamed Lingerie is available for purchase through Amazon and its own e-commerce store, untamedlingerie.com.