The Cooper Design Space’s Fashionable History

Photo Courtesy - Cooper Design Space

Since its construction in the early 1920s for the clothing manufacturer Milton G. Cooper Company, the Cooper Building has maintained a strong connection to the garment industry through its historic use and industrial design. Though it has evolved and adapted throughout the latter part of the century, the property has always remained true to its roots of fostering creativity and innovation, particularly in the fashion and design industries.

In 1928, Milton G. Cooper closed out his stock after 20 years in the wholesale business and opened a new department store in the Cooper Building for the public to enjoy. Upholding its unique reputation and pioneering history, the Cooper Building was the first multi-level retail building in its district and was LA’s premier address for fashion industry showrooms into the 1940s and 50s

In the late 1960s, the sportswear industry was booming — and California was popularizing casual wear and iconic swimsuit labels. Many designers flocked to Los Angeles, seeking to dress movie stars, and apparel manufacturers quickly followed.

Stanley and Anita Hirsh acquired the Cooper Building in the 1970s, transforming it into an outlet mall — the first of its kind in America — in the heart of the Garment District (as it was known at the time). Stanley Hirsh worked with the LA City Council to establish the city’s first Business Improvement District (BID) and, in 1996, renamed the neighborhood the Fashion District. Spanning 100 blocks in the heart of Downtown LA, the Los Angeles Fashion District is the hub of the L.A. fashion industry, featuring more than 2,000 independently owned retail and wholesale businesses offering apparel, accessories and footwear. Stanley Hirsh served as the BID’s chair for several years, leaving a lasting legacy — not only of bettering his own neighborhood, but of impacting the entire city by his significant efforts and civic endeavors as well.

Photo Courtesy – Cooper Design Space

Now known as the Cooper Design Space, the building at the corner of 9th and Los Angeles Streets is the iconic home to many of Los Angeles’ most creative and exciting brands in the fashion, art and publishing industries. The Cooper Design Space offers a wonderful variety of studio, office and showroom spaces within a single, dynamic location. With its legacy of being one of Los Angeles’ purveyors of all things creative, the Cooper Design Space is truly bringing back the face of West Coast contemporary fashion through its world class showrooms and influential impact on the Fashion District of Los Angeles.

Currently, the Fashion District in Los Angeles is undergoing a renaissance — and at the helm is the Cooper Design Space. Through strategic partnerships with nearby fashion buildings, local businesses and hotels within what is currently known as “The District,” Cooper Design Space is seeking to aid in bringing back the West Coast fashion scene through their fashion markets and elite fashion showrooms. Fashion markets are the West Coast’s premier destination for contemporary fashions, including apparel, accessories and footwear. The market hosts and highlights both established and up- and-coming designers and brands; it’s a place to discover new brands and create new shop- ping experiences.

The focus on national fashion markets as opposed to regional fashion markets arose from the impact national markets have on the fashion industry, within Los Angeles and, most importantly, throughout the world as well. This new focus steers the direction as to where fashion markets are headed and where businesses want to have the most impact for not only business-to-business (B2B) interactions but ultimately when it leads to business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions.

Hosting an array of influential industry events — from the Brand Assembly trade show to fashion events with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), to music videos to commercial shoots and movies — Cooper Design Space continues to be the destination for all things creative and a true hub of creativity.

In tandem partnerships with businesses in “The District,” the Cooper Design Space will reshape the idea and notion of what West Coast fashion markets can be. But most importantly, the Cooper Design Space will impact not only what the fashion district in Los Angeles can offer businesses, but it will also set the standard for what fashion markets need to be today.

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