Sustainability in Aesthetics

During my twenties, I was living in Israel. Prior to this move, I was living in New York and working as a nurse, where I lived with my former boyfriend for a couple of years. I was seeking to work with an all-American doctor during my time in the United States. After submitting a series of applications, the doctor who called me back was a plastic surgeon, who I worked with for a year before moving back home to Israel. Once I was back in Israel, I was back and forth between working in a hospital and in aesthetics, which is the field I really wanted to stay working in.

 Nowadays, I am a Nurse Practitioner and aesthetician. I founded Nicole Frontera Beauty based out of Rockaway Beach Blvd, Queens, NY.  For me, services provided at my establishment are really artistic. Not to say that it’s not for anyone else, however; my main thing is to do things that are very natural, as my approach is to always anti-age in the most natural way and utilize other products (besides Botox), such as fillers when the time is needed. Therefore, not only am I trying to have people look extremely natural, but feel like themselves. I always look at each person, see what their best features are and enhance them. Overall, I spend a lot of time with my patients, as I give them time to talk to me.

 As for sustainability when it comes to aesthetics, retinols are the best, through-and-through. As new products come in and the old go out, retinols stay around the longest. If there’s one thing to do with anti-aging, it’s retinol because it will never change. Retinol creates more cellular turnover, so your skin is constantly moving, constantly creating new skin – leaving it brighter, tighter and more glowy. We achieve this with my own product called Skin Renew. We also compound our own formulas, which allows us to put different percentages of retinols for each individual person. For example, if someone has pigment, we can tailor it to target pigment. We can do a milder or a more aggressive version depending on someone’s skin damage and needs. This product is called Brightening Supreme. Since it’s tailored to your skin, it eliminates the need for several different products.

 Hyaluronic Acid is great for maintaining hydration status in your skin. Our SkinQuench works by penetrating deeper into the dermas to create internal moisture so you’re not too dewy outside, which is great for someone with oily skin because you’ll maintain moisture balance from the inside.

 I think of skin as a canvas, and the better the canvas is, the better my artwork will be. Lasers make the complexion better, addressing the skin’s quality and texture. Long term, this leads to the most beneficial results. Lasers are permanent treatments that work by building collagen.The results don’t go away like fillers or other injectables, but when the lasers make the change in the skin, your skin will continue to age; it just needs more of a maintenance program. If you continue to maintain these results with lasers, you’ll have great skin for life. I also believe the aesthetics and beauty industries can be more sustainable by being consistent since people use many different technologies and techniques. If we categorize procedures in one column, consumers can understand what each procedure does and what they need, which will make consumers less intimidated.