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Fast Growing Skincare Tech Brand AMIRO Gears Up for Holiday Season

Photo courtesy of Amiro.

AMIRO, a rapidly growing beauty and skincare technology brand that empowers every customer to shine freely, has launched its Black Friday sales event featuring its popular AMIRO R1 PRO RF Skin Tightening Facial Device, which recently has been awarded ELLE BEAUTY STAR 2022 by ELLE, one of the world’s largest fashion magazines.

AMIRO’s cutting-edge R1 Pro RF skin-tightening facial device diminishes fine lines and crow’s feet wrinkles effectively with its advanced anti-aging skincare technology that stimulates collagen production, boosts blood circulation, and lifts and tightens skin to rejuvenate a youthful face. The advanced 4-in-1 skincare solution features 6-Pole radio frequency (RF), micro-current electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), red LED light, and red infrared (IR) warming. With a strong focus on safety as well as technical innovation, the RF facial device has been FCC and CE certified.

Neo Wang, CEO of AMIRO, said, “Our primary focus is on R&D investment and safety testing, and we have such a strong belief in our products that we treat them similar to works of art. Much the same as other companies extending motor technology from vacuum cleaners to hair dryers, AMIRO has also extended our core optoelectronic technology to the field of hair and skin care, to empower our customers to clearly see their skin issues in the mirror, and then use our photoelectric technology as the solution.”

Li Ke, AMIRO’s Chief Innovation Officer, said, “Our central focal point is on creating and defining a new genre of beauty care. The main mission of our company is to continuously develop and apply cutting-edge medical technology to create an effective and simplified beauty experience for all our customers.”

The pursuit of beauty is a common goal for people all over the world and is something that will remain, regardless of the global economic environment. The huge demand created by this desire for beauty is what has driven AMIRO to always adhere to creating high-end quality and reasonably priced products that are simple, safe, effective, and completely customer centric.

With backgrounds in computer science and mechanical engineering, holders of numerous patents, and international design awards, as well as experience with MIT and NASA, AMIRO’s executive leadership has guided the Company formidably over the past few years. Navigating stormy pandemic waters, AMIRO has become a top electronic beauty instruments brand. It sold over 300,000 units worldwide during a 12-day sales campaign this year, recording more than $100 million in sales, bucking the global trend.

For this Black Friday, AMIRO will offer customers a scintillating $90 off its popular AMIRO R1 PRO RF Skin Tightening Facial Device along with two free gels. In addition, up to 30% discount will be available on other selected AMIRO products, especially helpful for gift ideas for loved ones this holiday season.