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Blink Offers Fitness Bouquets for the Upcoming Valentine’s Day

Blink Offers Fitness Bouquets for Your Swolemate this Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Blink will be offering what they believe are exercise must-haves and a half dozen protein bars.

The Fitness Bouquets will be for sale, while supplies last, at from Feb. 1 to Feb. 8 to ensure delivery in time for Valentine’s Day. Each bouquet will include a 28-ounce Blink Blender Bottle, socks and shoelaces, lifting gloves, lifting straps, a jump rope, and half a dozen Barebells protein bars. A total retail value of $88, the Fitness Bouquets are being offered at $44.99 as a special Valentine’s Day treat.

“We wanted to offer a fun way for fitness fans to partake in the holiday in an untraditional way,” said Carissa Ganelli, SVP of marketing for Blink Fitness. “From meet cutes at the gym to couples who exercise together, fitness is a part of many love stories. This year, swolemates can honor their mutual affection for each other and the gym with a unique gift that is just their style!”

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