British Designer Patrick McDowell Debuts Sustainable Cinderella-Themed Collection

Photo courtesy of Lorenzo Berni

In a reimagined Cinderella tale, sustainable British Designer Patrick McDowell’s new collection, Cinderella Shall Go To The Football, combines the opulence and magic of Cinderella’s story with iconic sportswear. Adding the “femme” into football, McDowell brings the fandom of Liverpudlian glamor with Swarovski-jeweled boots and regal silhouettes to dazzle the belle of the ball.

McDowell also reflected on this collection by designing styles without gender norms and blurring the lines between princess and punter. In a time when football has never been so femme, McDowell has teamed up with The Lionesses star player Alex Greenwood, following their spectacular performance in The Euros, to embody the strong woman leading the way. Greenwood’s Euro-winning boots walked the runway along with the release of images of the star wearing pieces from this new collection. A surprise appearance from members of The Bloomsbury football club will highlight their incredible work with thousands of young people weekly across London.

McDowell’s use of color blocking makes a playful reference to the infamous rivalry between teams Everton FC and Liverpool FC. Both teams’ iconic color palettes are reimagined, combined and juxtaposed. Strikes of iconic red and chartreuse stand against the vibrant Liverpool and Everton Kit colors, and are paired with dashes of Cinderella blue accented throughout with noir. Prints include dried flowers from McDowell’s previous runway, football pitch mushrooms and magical raindrops, sensational crystals and the Red Aids ribbon that will support McDowell’s ongoing relationship with Positive East, London’s leading HIV charity. The collection also reinvents Cinderella’s dress with modern Livepudlian adaptations, and the glass slipper is given a sustainable flair with upcycled Swarovski crystal football boots.

McDowell’s design philosophy remains true to sustainable practice, working solely with recycled and sustainable materials. Collaborating with Evolved By Nature, all chrome-free, naturally tanned leather pieces within the collection have a biodegradable finish made from sustainable Activated Silk™ biotechnology to ensure their quality, durability and eventual return to the earth. Fabric printing has been undertaken by Esce-tex in the UK, using sustainable printing sources and techniques on fabrics made of TENCEL™ LUXE, a botanic, biodegradable filament solution for a wide range of applications and fabric developments.

“For me, making clothes is a form of storytelling. You can learn a lot about who I am and what is important to me from the clothes I make. It’s about feeling and looking great without a huge impact on the planet,” said McDowell. “It’s about lifting your head a little higher or feeling like, ‘Yes, I can do that thing I thought I couldn’t.’ This collection celebrates that. It’s unashamedly me and I’m proud of that because I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of clothes like these.”

Each piece was designed and made in London with a low carbon footprint and will be available on a limited edition, made-to-order basis, following the show on McDowell’s newly designed website. As ever, avoiding overproduction and creating long-lasting, emotionally-connected garments that fit the client perfectly is at the center of the McDowell brand.