In Earnest by Byron Earnest Lars

Photo courtesy of Keith Major

It is not too far-fetched to say that for women to push forward in their daily lives, it requires the strength of a superhero. Rights once taken for granted are not only in peril, but in some cases are taken away altogether. But the modern woman isn’t content to sit idly by with their future in the control of others. Designer Byron Lars and his business partner Sheila Gray found inspiration for their Fall 2023 collection in the heroic actions of the legions of strong women they count as their customers.

“My Fall 2023 collection is all about valiant femininity with clothes that harken to a kind of heroism as I see it,” stated Byron Lars. “While American women mobilize to defend their reproductive rights against draconian legislation, it’s no wonder I imagined clothes for them that would evoke images of an epic crusade the likes of which we are collectively on at this moment.”

Each piece of the In Earnest Fall 2023 collection is powerfully feminine with details that call to mind the days of medieval armor, but modernized in Lars’ deft hands to be ready for the modern-day runway (aka: wherever a modern woman walks). An example includes a faux chainmail cardigan, fortified with tiny filigree motifs, which has an alluringly unexpected transparency and doubles as an interesting dress. Each piece is so deeply inspired that one is not certain if they are looking at a couture piece from the latest runway show or a piece that was just on display in a historic museum exhibit. The result is a collection layered with inspiration, story and fashionable possibilities.

In the label’s now trademark style, intriguing combinations of fabrics are mixed together into a fashion mélange brimming with interest. A soft vegan leather bomber is sculpted and paired with a tweed lace culotte resulting in the perfect balance of “tuff girlishness,” while a sequined sheath dress doubles as a layering piece over pants for some glam utilitarianism.

“The beauty of the In Earnest fashion language is that there are no two people who will wear the collection the same way,” said Sheila Gray. “All in all, our pieces are timeless, highly collectible and ready for any campaign life calls for a modern woman to launch.”

The name In Earnest means “occurring to a greater extent or more intensely than before,” so it’s no surprise that every aspect of the brand from the fabric to the styling, and even the collection concept, is a step in a new and different direction.