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Direct-To-Consumer Footwear Brand TAFT Announces the Launch of Stitchdown Collection Introducing a Century-Old Boot Construction Method


TAFT, the direct-to-consumer men’s footwear brand, recently announced a new limited collection launch of Stitchdown boots masterfully crafted using a century-old traditional technique. Built upon years of the highest standards for durability, quality, support, and craftsmanship, TAFT’s Stitchdown showcases the cutting-edge design of a collection that is hyper-focused on the art of bootmaking.

Specializing in unique, bold, handmade designs, TAFT prides itself on being inclusive among its customer base and on consistently delivering exciting new pieces that are made to last for years to come. Its newest venture, Stitchdown, is no different; creating a collection of traditionally made and hand-sewn boots requiring an increasingly rare skill set, special equipment, and highest-end components. TAFT’s design philosophy has always been to make products that can’t be found anywhere else, pushing boundaries, and pioneering to be leaders in the footwear space.

I first found out about Stitchdown construction in 2016 and I fell in love. I just love the way it looks – that double row of stitching on top of the shoe. I just love looking down at my feet and seeing that. Now I couldn’t afford those brands back then and they still feel like a really hefty price tag to me, so I wanted to try to make something that is more approachable,” said Kory Stevens, Founder, and Designer of TAFT.

TAFT Stitchdown is an ode to true bootmaking craftsmanship for the most passionate boot lovers and creators. The Stitchdown construction method is a traditional technique that has been used for centuries to create sturdy and long-lasting footwear. Handcrafted in León, Mexico, no corners were cut on quality with full-grain leathers from world-renowned tanneries, and Dr. Sole studded rubber outsoles for boots that stand the test of time. Every part of the process is guided by hand, to produce a level of detail like no other. The result is heritage-quality boots made more unique with wear.