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COVID-19: Artist Performs as Hologram in Fans’ Homes

Which one is the real Laura Rizzotto and which one is the hologram? Image by Carolina Rizzotto.

During this time of social distancing, how about doing something different, such as watching an artist perform on your living room table, and even filming yourself dancing next to them? Thanks to augmented reality, this has magically become possible. The first artist in the world to do this is singer/songwriter, Laura Rizzotto.

With her fans spread all around the world ever since she competed in Eurovision, the biggest song contest in the world, augmented reality has become a vital solution to stay connected to her fans in a unique way. Laura predicted before any other performer the need for this new technology, which has now become evident during COVID-19 lockdowns.

This 3D virtual performance was done in partnership with Metastage, a volumetric capture studio based in Los Angeles, California. What makes this technology so unique is its capacity to create extremely realistic and high quality captures, and turn them into light files, giving the public the possibility to watch these exclusive performances from any smartphone or tablet. It really feels like the artist is right there in front of you.

“After representing Latvia in Eurovision, staying connected to fans from so many different countries and time zones had become a challenge. With the Metastage app I can bond with my fans in a brand new way,” explained Rizzotto.

Rizzotto’s sister, Carolina Rizzotto, co-produced Rizzotto’s Metastage experience, but also made a behind the scenes video which shows how the virtual performance came to life. To make a high quality capture, the studio used 106 cameras. There’s a limited space to perform and the artist cannot make any mistakes when singing or dancing, since everything is filmed in one take.

The app also features the performance of another song by Rizzotto, called “Funny Girl“, her biggest hit. The sisters also produced a video explaining how to use the app and are available to help artists and professionals interested in using this technology.

You can watch Laura Rizzotto perform “One More Night” and “Funny Girl” on your smartphone via the Metastage app in IOS or Android.

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