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Present Life, a New Global Company to Pioneer Plant-Based, Planet-Friendly Wellness and Beauty Brands, Launches


Present Life announced its launch today. The new company has been conceived from its inception to create and acquire clean, benefit-led brands with no compromise on performance or the planet.

All existing and forthcoming brands in the company portfolio will be plant-based, planet-friendly and with proven efficacy, spanning different price points and retail settings from mass to luxury.

“When you’re building brands in the wellbeing and beauty space, they have to be effective and must deliver on their promises. Natural brands often come with a tradeoff on performance, whilst the most efficacious products aren’t always the kindest. This is a compromise that consumers no longer need to accept,” said Camillo Pane, executive chairman at Present Life.  “We use cutting-edge science to unlock the true power of natural ingredients, including rapidly emerging actives like CBD. Our consumer testing is extremely rigorous and we design and formulate to match the highest accreditations from the world’s most well-respected industry bodies.”

Pane is gathering a diverse team of corporate and start-up executives with the aim to benefit from the best of both worlds and disrupt the wellbeing and beauty market at scale.

“In most categories nowadays, there is a proliferation of start-up brands that, while disruptive in product and business model, often struggle to scale effectively,” Pane said. “The hybrid skills of our team sets us apart from large corporates and smaller start-ups allowing us to first create with agility and speed, and then scale rapidly and profitably.”

This April, Present Life launched Healist Advanced Naturals in the US. Healist is an innovative wellness brand with benefit-driven formulations designed to restore the body’s innate capacity to heal. Healist’s launch product line focuses on stress reduction, good sleep, and reducing muscle aches and discomfort. The brand’s pioneering formulations blend efficacious natural ingredients with organic, broad-spectrum hemp extract.

Healist is on a mission to bring transparency and credibility to a newly forming category. Therefore, all Healist products are clean and natural, triple lab-tested, vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO, and contain 0.00% THC. All Healist products are packaged with sustainable materials including ocean waste plastic.

The above combination makes Healist unique in the market. Healist is available online now. The brand will also be truly omnichannel with its anticipated expansion into major brick-and-mortar stores in the coming months.

“The results from our ongoing quantitative consumer testing has been fantastic and it’s rewarding to be able to create products that deliver tangible results that consumers love,” says Pane.

Present Life has partnered with The Craftory, a global cause-driven investment house that focuses on supporting and scaling the world’s best CPG challenger brands.

“We have a common goal of developing products that people believe in and that make them feel good, and together are excited for the chance to make a positive impact in people’s lives,” said Pane.

“At The Craftory we look for experienced partners that challenge status quo and pave the way for cutting edge brands to transform their respective categories,” Elio Leoni Sceti, co-founder of the Craftory, said. “We see Present Life as the home of the next generation of fearless and authentic consumer wellness and beauty brands. “As a unique ‘startup-corporation hybrid’, Present Life has the optimum mix between the brand building capabilities and discipline of a consumer good company and the agility of a start-up; this is the exact disruptor mindset that will allow Present Life to quickly make a positive impact on the wellness and beauty industries, as well as on the planet.”

In addition to the launch of its first wellness brand in the US, Present Life will roll out Healist Advanced Naturals into Europe in 2020 and will also launch this summer its second brand, LOUM Beauty of Calm, a revolutionary new clean beauty brand developed with a leading Psycho-Dermatologist and in partnership with Daphne Oz. LOUM invokes the science of calm and uses a proprietary complex to dial down and free our beauty from the effects of stress.

And finally, joining the Present Life portfolio this month is One Ocean Beauty, the clean & sustainable marine biotech beauty brand founded by Marcella Cacci.

“One Ocean Beauty is a perfect fit for Present Life and reflects our values and ambition, I’m looking forward to supporting Marcella and her team through their next phase of expansion,” said Pane.

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