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FCA Awarded Hoboken Public Arts Master Plan

Hoboken's 400 Washington St.

Architecture, interior design and planning firm FCA has been awarded the City of Hoboken’s Public Arts Master Plan, a key aspect of the city’s broader redevelopment initiatives.

Having previously collaborated on a feasibility study for Hoboken and the Hudson County region, the City of Hoboken tapped FCA to envision a holistic reframing of its existing arts and culture program. The firm will assist in developing a cohesive identity, defining the unique character and purpose of art in Hoboken while refining the mission, vision, goals and guiding principles for the Public Arts Commission’s public art program.

Moving forward, FCA’s urban planning team will work closely with city officials and a wide variety of stakeholders, developing guidelines for inclusion of public art in public improvement projects, providing site identification/placement, and identifying best practices for ongoing community outreach and engagement. Additionally, the firm will provide expert analysis on the existing collection with recommendations for evaluation, as well as existing funding sources to identify opportunities for additional funding models in public arts. The initial planning phase is slated for completion in summer of 2023.

“We’re thrilled to continue building upon our ongoing partnership with the City of Hoboken,” said FCA Principal and Urban Designer Steven Stainbrook, AICP. “In the coming months, we’re looking forward to connecting with local leadership and stakeholders and reinvigorating the role of public art within the city.”