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Jewelry brand Cerimani believes in using the power of beauty to drive sustainability in rural Thai communities in need. The brand is devoted to donating proceeds of their newly launched jewelry collection towards running water and sanitation in the communities where their collections are made in partnership with The Karen Hilltribes Trust. The goal is to provide clean water, restoring a sense of balance and giving all residents basic human rights, helping these communities to grow and prosper.

Founder Proud Limpongpan started to recognize the adversity in her home country of Thailand and realized that unfortunately many luxury brands take advantage by manufacturing in these communities and giving little to no credit or support to the manufacturers or cities themselves. In much of the world, those working in manufacturing exist only behind the scenes—they are the nameless, are often forgotten about and are paid subsistence wages despite working very hard. Cerimani jewelry company is working to break the mold of the conventional jewelry business by bridging the gap of communication between the master craftspeople that make the jewelry and those who enjoy it around the world.

With every purchase made from Cerimani, $50 of the proceeds will go towards one year of fresh, clean water per villager in need. The company sponsors one village at a time to make sure all funding is appropriately directed. Together with The Karen Hilltribes Trust, Cerimani’s goal is to have made an impact on 10 villages by 2021.

All of the Cerimani styles are genuine Thai designs using local craftsmanship while infusing them with an art deco New York aesthetic. These elegant pieces are set with ethically sourced, conflict-free gemstones from around the world to add a splash of shimmer to the gleam. The two collections, Bolle—inspired by small bubbles and Favo—inspired by honeycomb, feature carefully selected, high-quality gems such as sapphire, pink rhodolite and diamonds. The pave settings and checkerboard cut in each and every design emphasize the special properties and reflection of each gem. The designer Chalermpong Susri was inspired to use the 120-degree concept from a special exhibition he saw on his visit with his son during a trip to the Natural History Museum in New York. The exhibition revealed that everything around us stems from a 120-degree angle. From the angle of our DNA to the molecules that make up water to the lines on a leaf. He was so moved that he started working on a design pattern that is a simulation of the essence of life.

According to founder Proud Limpongpan, the craftsmen don’t get credit for their work, “I found out through working on the turnaround of a jewelry brand in NYC that a large majority of global brands produce in Thailand. No one seems to ever acknowledge that back to the people. As a result their skills are becoming rare because workers do not have pride in their work. It is important for customers to check that brands really make the impact they advertise.”

Cerimani is sure to get these intricate, beautiful designs recognized and then give back to the region that has inspired it all. When you wear this jewelry, you are wearing not only beautiful designs, but also give hope for the future of the people of Thailand in need. The company pledges to work closely with the Karen Hilltribes Trust to fund clean water pipeline projects for villages in the Mae Hong Son province of Thailand. Cerimani is actively exploring other partnerships in the Me Hong province that will improve children’s health. The hope to open their first vocational school by 2021.

Everything is available at www.Cerimani.com with retail prices ranging from $95-560 USD.

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